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Simpals is the largest classifieds board and the latest news, cool cartoons and the Chisinau Marathon, electronic diaries, and transparent public acquisition. Simpals is a painted city and new green parks, innovative products, world records and world-famous start-ups, and many other things that make life better and easier day by day.


New perspectives, achievements, and records – that’s how our 2023 went by.

999 Discovery was approaching a “green” future with a network of charging stations for electric cars and solar panels.

Sporter conducted the brightest and most extensive sporting events in Moldova – Rubicon, Milestii Mici Winerun, Cahul and Soldanesti races, Gagauzia Run, Glodiator Mud Race, Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon and Maratonul de Craciun! 

The Triathlon Federation, Sonr, and Sporter joined forces to put on Aquatic Day at Chișinau Arena.

Head of Simpals Legal Services, Dorian Doronceanu, became co-chair of the ATIC Legal Committee. 

Lobster introduced a new unique dive scale system for freedivers, Squid, and held the first international freediving competition in Moldova, AIDA Moldova Freediving Competition 2023.

SONR launched the SONR Music Player – a device that can be used to listen to music underwater.

Onest typeface up to 2.0 entered the library of the world’s best free fonts Google Fonts and became the official typeface of the Republic of Moldova.

The educational project “100 Inventors from Moldova” was launched on Point and Știri.

The entire Simpals team can now train and improve their health for free with the UpFit app.

We’re 20 years old!

The first typeface designed by Moldova for Moldova appeared* *—* *Onest.

Online sales continue to grow in the world. 999 launches Marketplace with a huge assortment of new goods and delivery option.

The team sees the global crisis as an opportunity for growth. So, they launch Simpals Factory, a startup with its own investment fund of 1,000,000 USD.

The animation studio releases the first 1D cartoon. Easier to see.

Chronica is launched – a project that will reconstruct the history of Chisinau and all of Moldova.

Simpals Factory releases a new product – the musical visualizer Aurora.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Sonr is ready. The smallest underwater communicator is awaited for in 30 countries.

Hello, pandemic. It’s time for Studii, as well as, the electronic document exchange service.

Lobster wins Red Dot Design and iF Design.

Garage goes completely under the production of hardware products, among which, besides Lobster, are Aheel and Sonr.

The animation studio releases a VR cartoon, ARIPI, which will be the first not only for Moldova, but for the whole of Eastern Europe.

50 km at -60°C? Done. Voloshin sets a world record at the “Cold Pole” (Oymyakon, Russia). launches 3D objects on the map of Moldova. Landmarks and important government buildings are the first on this list. has an official introduction, after which it is actively being introduced in schools as additional software to make life easier for teachers, students and their parents.

Near the end of the year, Simpals receives ISO certification. Perfect.

The company moves to the IT park. Hooray.

The Romanian-language version of Point is finally “branched off” into a separate project, which after a few years will become its very tough competitor –

The company’s management receives rich rewards from the Government and the President.

Simpals becomes a member of the state reform and part of the team that works on the new MTender public acquisition system – Achizitii.

In 2017, Dmitri Voloshin is elected President of Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova. In the same year the team will have two important starts – Rubicon ultramarathon across the country and, together with FTRM, Triathlon Triumph Moldovan outdoor triathlon cup.

The gadgets for athletes are evolving as a drift. Sonr, an underwater communicator for coaches and athletes, is born.

Together with the April cataclysm, the «greenest» of projects, Verde, comes up in the company’s plans.

A year of re-launches. Joblist and Afisha get a second life with updated design and functionality.

Point Map gives the most detailed maps of all localities in Moldova and Transnistria.

And also, on the eve of the presidential elections, the company launches Votum online voting and shows the real choice of Moldova inhabitants.

Sporter conducts a “record-breaking” event – the unique WineRun through wine cellars.

Simpals makes summer 2016 very hot – the first edition of Fosfor, an electronic music festival, takes place at Ghidighici.

In 2015, the first Chisinau International Marathon is held, with a total of 10,000 participants from all over the world. On the wave of such activity, Sporter conducts diverse events every month, including SeaMile, Chisinau Criterium, Maratonul de Craciun and even Puzzle Day.

During the Freediving World Championships, Dmitri Voloshin comes up with Lobster – a revolutionary weight system for freediving.

The team launches 999 Market, a price comparison service based on an online store, which aims to promote Moldovan business.

On the birthday of Moldova’s capital, Simpals launches a social project dedicated to the transformation of the capital city – Chisinau Is Me.

The concept of the project is that Chisinau is each of us. The animation studio releases a second cartoon about Dji ‘s adventures – “Dji. Death Sails”, which wins even more awards at festivals.

The development team expands the functionality of 999 – IOS and Android versions of the product are launched.

3, 2, 1, Go! 1 April announces the launch of Sporter, the sports social network, which immediately begins conducting events.

The team also launches a weather balloon with a rocket “on board” that reaches as far as the stratosphere.

The animation studio releases the first cartoon from the Death Fails adventures series, “Dji. Death Fails”. The cartoon immediately goes to all the world’s animation festivals, where it is well received by the audience and the jury.

Simpals starts getting awards from around the world. 999 hit a record with 100,000 unique visitors per month. Not surprisingly, the “Brand of the Year” in the category “Favorite of the Year” in gold goes to this project.

In the same year, Numbers, our internet sales house, was launched.

Yes, this year is also the beginning and end of the sites unification under the Simpals ID login system – now all company’s sites have a single password, wallet and notification system for users.

From the love of mentorship, the startup incubator Simpals Garage was born, which is ready to help startups.

The studio has made an ambitious statement about creating a full-length screen in 3D, and for this we need specialists. That’s why we are learning ourselves, but we are ready to teach others – the first animation and computer graphics school, Monsters, appears under the roof of Simpals.

999 has accelerated and breaks new attendance records every year. On the wave of such popularity, the online 999 store develops on the platform. In this new store, it’s possible to buy new goods and also on credit.

Meanwhile, the animation studio releases three 3D short animated films that blow up the Moldovan online space.

It’s time for a change! After dozens of commercials, music videos and many awards, the video studio is transformed into an animation studio. 3D cartoons production starts in Moldova.

The year of media product introductions. Simpals launches the first video hosting in Moldova –

Also, a social network appears on the Moldnet, where everyone can find their classmates, schoolmates and colleagues –

A year of good news everyway. In 2006, the team launches a news aggregator that will become the most read portal in the country – Point. And with it, the Weather forecast, Currency rate, Map and Afisha.

Also, the SMS newspaper is launched. It’s a newspaper accepting ads via SMS.

A year of active growth. The company already has 48 employees, who are primarily engaged in video advertising and music videos production.

A messenger appears on Yes, and the project itself becomes the Internet Project of the Year 2005.

In 2004, a symbiosis between social networks and online games,, appears on the Moldnet.

Forum becomes the Internet Project of the Year.

This year is born, which will then become one of the most important sub-categories dedicated to transport.

In the meantime, the company “doubles” its staff – 9 people already!

1 April, 2002 Dmitri Voloshin registers a company, which he names Simpals – Simple + Pals. Several projects have already been launched under the umbrella of the company:,, and, and in 2001 Dmitri launched

In addition to Internet projects, the company produces video commercials and music videos. In 2002 Simpals wins the MTV Video Music Awards for the best special effects on the music video for O-Zone band. Simpals has only 4 employees.

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