Where do Monsters come from?
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15 October 2010

Today we’ll talk about monsters.

Which exactly? About various ones.

For instance, in these latter days many people who come to our office and watch our cartoons for the first time say practically one and the same thing: What fine fellows! Real monsters! Where do such monsters come from?

Indeed, how can they appear in Moldova if there are almost no places where one could get education in this area, except for going abroad or studying independently lessons from the Internet.

That’s why we decided to improve the situation a little bit and open the School of Computer Graphics and Animation.

What exactly shall we teach?

Well, in a few words – to Make Cartoons!
But speaking in more detail, we’re planning to open 9 courses: 3 basic and 6 professional.

The main goal of this course is to render to the student the basic knowledge in the field of computer graphics. We’ll study Autodesk Maya.

This course has been designed specially for those who are good at and enjoy drawing on paper but have got no computer skill. You’ll get acquainted with the program Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to be able to make trailers on your own, at this course we’ll teach you how it’s done in the program Adobe After Effects.

This course will provide you with the knowledge necessary for the animation of characters and objects of any level of difficulty.

This course will teach you how to make models of any complexity and directionality from bolts and screws to complex characters and entire landscapes.

The main purpose of the course is the study of Maya and Mental Ray packages, as well as acquiring the ability to make photorealistic images and videos and adjusting scenes for rapid rendering.

The main goal of this course is to teach the student to create the showiest part of 3D graphics. We will show you how walls fall, how explosions are set off, how tissue is simulated, and oceans are brought in.

The compositing professional course differs from the basic one in that it provides deeper knowledge in compositing and familiarizes students with the new Digital Fusion package.

The goal of the course is to teach students how to create characters, work out landscapes, and handle scene selection. The temper, emotions, and history – everything has to be taken into account when devising a character.
I’ll tell you in secret that by opening this school we pursue other objectives as well:

As you know, the production of such a scale project as a full-length cartoon needs a great number of people. So we want to give our best students the possibility to fulfill themselves while working on the cartoon “Gypsy”. Why not? Moldova was always rich in talents.

Our teachers:

Of course, we understand perfectly that we’ll not manage to raise all 70-80 people at our school. That’s why we plan to attract employees from neighboring countries as well, who will be able to get freelance or permanent jobs. Monsters interested in this offer can send their resume to the e-mail: hr@tigan.md

Please indicate your position in the subject line of the letter ( in the body don’t forget to include links to your portfolio and to mention if you have the possibility to come to Moldova for the period of project’s realization. We’ll be waiting for you!)

So in order to become a monster you simply need:

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