Wine Run: The bravest runners conquered the underground wine cellars of Cricova
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1 February 2016

On Sunday, January 31 at 10:00 in Cricova the Wine Run was held – a unique race across the wine cellars, which has no analogues in the world.

The competition took place at a depth of 100 meters. In total, the event was attended by 200 runners. Participants of the race came from 10 countries: USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and even Angola.

Athletes ran 10 kilometers through the tunnels of the wine cellars.

The visiting runners were both simple lovers of a healthy lifestyle and running, and professional athletes. Start and finish was in the entrance area of Cricova cellars, and further the athletes ran along the specified route (details here ).

On the track, the participants were welcomed and encouraged by support groups and musicians, performing Gypsy tunes and popular Moldovan songs.

Competition winner was the official coach of the Chisinau International Marathon Liviu Croitoru (1987), who ran the distance in 30 minutes and 4 seconds. Second place went to Gheorghe Gori (1999), with the result of 30 minutes and 26.3 seconds. Andrei Prisekhin (1982) finished third with the result of 30 minutes and 38.6 seconds.

The fastest among the 50 women participants was Clipa Natalia (1988), who ran the distance in 33 minutes and 17.5 seconds. The runner-up was Diana Nastas (1986), with the result of 37 minutes and 38.7 seconds. Third place belongs to Tempe Carlthon Caldwell (1983). She ran 10 kilometers in 37 minutes and 46.9 seconds.

In addition to the award nominations, the organizers awarded prizes in other categories:

— “Best Equipped Participant”
– “The most Attentive Runner”
– “The Kindest (helped the lost participant)”
– “The most Distant Participant” (Texas).

At the race finish, each participant received commemorative Wine Run medal, which many will include in their collection with such medals, as Chisinau Marathon, Ghidighici Sea Mile and Chisinau Criterium.

The organizers of the race was the sports club, dedicated to the promotion and popularization of amateur sports and healthy lifestyle, and the largest in Moldova online message board Sporter is the organizer of major sporting events over the past 2 years, including the International Chisinau Marathon 2015, as well as the future marathon of 2016.

We thank the Wine Run partners for their assistance in organizing and gifts to participants: extreme equipment shop, drinking water Om, Fidesco supermarket chain, sports club SportPark, Oliva restaurant, Riedel Company, sportswear store Puma and Alir Company. Special thanks to the trademark Cricova and the leadership of the winery for the cellars provision.

Of course, we express gratitude to our volunteers, who helped us creating this race today. Each volunteer will receive diplomas with gratitude from

Special thanks to the operators’ team for photos and video. Thanks to them, this event will remain in our memory forever.

We hope that the race across the wine cellars will become an iconic sporting event and will be held annually.



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