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1 April 2013

The company Simpals launched a new project- a sports social network!

On you can find absolutely everything related to the world of sports.

Even if you were not quite interested in sports up to this day, you will join the sports fans anyway!

What kind of information can you find on the website

Here you’ll be able to find other athletes as well as interviews with them (national and world stars), find a personal trainer, a team, partners and places for training, information about tournaments and other sporting events in Moldova and abroad. Besides, you’ll find the latest sports news, video tutorials, questions and answers. is a large social network for sportsmen.


Any registered user can publish news from the world of sport. All publications will be sorted according to their interest to the visitors. In other words, the more “Likes” the post gets, the higher it appears on the list.

Video tutorials

We have tried to collect for you the most useful and interesting video tutorials which will help you to do any workout at home starting from fitness, pilates (for women) and ending with weight training and body building (for men).


It may seem strange, but there are quite many talented athletes in Moldova. Besides them, international sports stars will be waiting for you on the website (we’re not joking, it’s all for real). Interviews, biographies, sports stars’ achievements.
Visit our website, read and share your opinion. Shortly speaking, join in! is waiting for you!

PS: The unified login system works on as well! You’ll not have to register again.

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