The time of change came
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2 June 2008

I was driving to the work today in the morning.
Suddenly I understood that I don’t want to go there, that I am not interesed simply to make a qualitative advertising reels and videos. After all I didn’t see the light from interesting work in the eyes of my colleagues a long time.
The agency, clients, approves preproduction meetings, deadlines and CPS- lately all this was rolling at a high speed in our studio.
Yes, we are professionals, and we are producing qualitative graphics, we didn’t have unhappy clients. Except ourselves…
I understood that we can’t stay anymore a simple production house with an interesting portfolio.
Oh, I created the company not for this!
I came out of taxi, went up to the 3-d floor, dropped into guy’s room and said them the news:
“I took a decision to make the first 3D cartoon!”
That is how all started…

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