The launch of the internet sales-house NUMBERS.MD
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1 April 2012

Numbers – it is an internet sales-House, that combines the best platforms of Moldnet.

We have created a system that will allow you to place online ads using a single site.

The platforms of Numbers are monthly visited by more than 1.4 million Internet users. Among them there are and your customers too. Our goal is to make your advertising as accessible as possible for each of them.

One of the Numbers’ features is a clear and adequate price for posting advertising materials. Advertisers pay only for each unique view according to a single rate for all sites. You do not need to sign dozens of contracts with individual sites. Everything here is at the lowest price on the market of online advertising. You do not overpay for repeated viewings.

The network of Numbers covers more than 70% of Moldnet. The sales-House Numbers effectively works as with small, growing companies, and with larger companies that are occupying a strong position in its market segment. Numbers portfolio includes 17 most visited on-line resources from Moldova. Over 400 million banner hits per month.

The largest sales-house from Moldnet is intended to promote the growth of the Internet advertising market, making it open and understandable to the advertiser. Numbers provides customers with high quality services for placing advertising on on-line resources that are interesting him. The open price list creates equal conditions for each customer, increasing the appeal and transparency of this market segment. In order to improve the efficiency and convenience, each customer has its own sales manager, who is working daily with him.

What do you get?

For the lowest price on the market of Internet advertising you get the opportunity to post advertising on popular resources of Moldnet that are just for you. You get discounts, which are formed on the basis of a single, open price. Numbers provides a full technical report about the placement of advertising materials, as well as statistics of advertising message views for a concrete period.

Personal account – here you will be able to simulate and run your own advertising campaign – banner or richmedia. In a simple menu you will find the statistics of the unique views of your advertising for a certain period of time; you will be able to add advertising banners on your own, specify the time period of the advertising campaign, to choose an online site for placement, select the country in which will be possible to view the banners. Here you can see the state of your personal account and, if necessary, make adjustments. Due to the Numbers account, the management of online advertising campaign is entirely focused in your hands.

More information about the project can be found on

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