Today “Simpals Garage” opens its “gates”!
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28 September 2011


«Simpals Garage» – this is a startup incubator, where people come with their ideas, and in exchange for share in the project receive investment of up to $ 40 000, office, advice of mentors, help in development, launch and promotion of the project. In this you will get help from our mentors. Each one of them launched many projects in different areas of informational technologies. They will direct your efforts on the right track; trace the execution of works, share their priceless experience and will help to sell the finished product.

Once in 10 days «Simpals Garage» will carry out Crash Test, where you can defend the project and present the team. From your team we look forward for interesting ideas in the following areas: search technologies, geolocation services, cloud services, mobile applications, social applications, e-Commerce, SaaS, augmented reality. For participation in the Crash Test you must fill out an application. If your team held test, we sign a contract and you start the implementation of your idea in the office of «Simpals Garage». To implement the project we allocate from 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity.

Who first will enter into «Simpals Garage», which team will first realize its idea into reality?

The red ribbon is cut, granary lock is purchased, new tables and chairs are already waiting for you! Go ahead!


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