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Moldova’s major sports celebration

The most popular sporting event in Moldova. Every year more than 15,000 athletes from 50 countries attend the marathon.

Wine cellar and vineyard race

A unique trail race that takes place in the most picturesque nooks of Moldova, as well as in the deepest wine cellars of the country.

Race of Heroes

The annual ultra-marathon relay that crosses all over Moldova.

The Outdoor Triathlon Championship of Moldova

The first outdoor triathlon championship in Moldova. It has been held annually since 2017.

Public Sports Organization

Sporter’s mission is to develop amateur sports and healthy lifestyles in Moldova. For this purpose, the organization annually conducts various sporting events for professional and amateur athletes.

The Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova

The National Triathlon Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova. It was founded with the aim to promote and develop triathlon in the country.