Simpals launches a new project – electronic document exchange service
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17 July 2020

We have launched a new project for small, medium and large enterprises – the electronic document exchange service, With it, companies can keep their flexibility even in times of crisis.

109425801_10159250370453836_2040006444320010145_o allows for uploading various documents, which can be further viewed, signed, checked for status or sent for signature. Thanks to this service, companies can forgo paper contracts and fully automate internal and external business processes, for example:

— sign and forward contracts to partners and contracting parties;

— automatically exchange documents of completed works;

— keep the entire document flow within the company between departments and employees.

In addition, the service ensures the complete confidentiality of documents and unlimited access to them from any device, at any time. This means that you can use the platform both from your PC and phone, so you can sign and send documents on the go from anywhere in the world.

ATIC National Association has already had the opportunity to test the safety, efficiency and convenience of using the service.

To learn more about how our new service works and the features of the electronic document management system in Moldova, you can view the “LIVE Public Talk by ATIC: Managementul documentelor electronice” conference, where was officially presented.

It is worth noting that is not the first Simpals project meant for assisting the public and private sectors. In 2017, we launched — a platform for procurements/tenders organizing and conducting, which has become part of the state electronic procurement system M-Tender.

In collaboration with the Chisinau Mayoralty, Simpals has developed the eȘcoală platform, through which parents can submit online applications for enrolling their children in the first grade. Since 2020, it has also become possible to submit applications for 10th grade enrollment.

And of course we should mention the platform, which was included in the list of distance learning tools recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. Currently, 71 schools from all over the country are connected to the system, together with 49 schools from Gagauzia.

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