We are pioneers

Here at Simpals, we believe that we are pioneers. We like to think that the world is still full of mysteries, so every day is like going on a journey.

Just as back in our childhood, we believe in superpowers, and that each of us has a superpower. And like any expedition, we have a compass that helps us stay on track* *—* *our mission and values. They help us focus on what’s important right here, right now. They perfectly complement each other and grow stronger every day.


We are driven by a simple and almost innocent curiosity “What if…?” It opens before us the doors of new worlds full of possibilities, at the same time inspiring thousands of other people to go on their own expeditions. Because the sky is the limit.

Therefore, our task is to open up new worlds, inspiring by example.

It’s important for us to change the world for the better, but it’s even more important to help people do it together.


Values are not mere words to us. They are our fundamental principles. They determine every decision we make, guiding us toward our goal. These values help us build strong relationships with our users, partners, and most importantly, between us.

We move fast

We always move very fast to the result and are not afraid to make mistakes, because each mistake brings us closer to our goal.

A bad result is better than no result at all.

We are honest

No distortions, embellishments or excuses. Just honesty and sincerity.

We have no time for ambiguity, we’re used to calling things by their proper name.

We are open for cooperation

We believe in our strength and are not afraid to make mistakes. It helps us to see the superpower in those around us, and this superpower can help us develop our products together.

It can be either our colleagues or an outside company.

We are daring

That’s right. Daring dreams and eccentric solutions generate bold products. Our rule is not to obey rules blindly.

We attack dogma and believe everything is possible.

We love change

We get high from the constant change around us, because every change is a new challenge.

Black swans are our favourite pets.

What we do is WOW

Impressing, infecting with ideas and inspiring is our passion and the heart&soul of each of our products.

We playfully turn the chaos of the world around us into the simplicity of beautiful solutions that solve real people’s real needs.

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Our goal is to vividly improve life in any industry and make the unthinkable real.
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