People come first
Voloshin Dmitri
Stirbu Roman
Jeleascov Vadim
Product manager Factory
Leonova Maria
Chief Product Officer 999
Banaga Maxim
Chief Finance Officer
Boico Ecaterina
HR Director
Doronceanu Dorian
Chief Legal Officer
Cojocari Viorel
B2B Sales Director
Durbala Eugeniu
Manager Video Production
Caraus Denis
DevOps Engineer Simpals
Cirlan Victoria
Project manager Client Support
Grajdeanu Tatiana
Novosiolova Alexandra
CEO Lobster
Covalenco Diana
Product manager Studii
Minzatu Augustina
Project manager Studii
Sveatun Alina
Product manager Sporter
Lupu Cristina
Product manager Știri
Puscas Valeria
Product manager Afisha
Girbu Cristina
Project manager Afisha
Rusu Alexandr
Product Analytics Factory
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