Simpals, Happy Birthday!
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1 April 2018

Simpals is turning 16. Behind this simple phrase there is an incredible bulk of work done, a countless number of completed tasks and hundreds of realized plans and projects. Believe it, these are no abstract concepts. You may ask any Simpals employee and he or she, with fiery eyes, will keep telling you for a long time about those many things, which he or she was able to do. The year 2017 has been very fruitful for our team and has proved that Simpals, despite its venerable age, continues to push oneself beyond limits 🙂

Bottom line for 2017

During the year, our projects managed to heap a lot of interesting things, and that makes us exclaim: “You can’t be serious!” We set records, gave life to new projects, opened new horizons.

Numbers, as usual, kept working, not letting go of the phone. Every time we went to see them, they waved us off and said: “Go away, we’re busy working”. And then it turned out that these clever cookies launched Numbers Pixel, gave users the opportunity to use mobile banners, and implemented a system of push notifications. Not to mention the thousands of advertising campaigns – that much is clear. Well done! 🙂

Price kept an enviable performance throughout the year: they have to their name over 50 developed sites, connection on clients’ websites of payment methods via bank cards and e-wallets, multicurrency option and integration with credit companies. Energetic and full of ideas, the Price team agreed on the possibility of calculating the delivery to other countries through Posta Moldovei. And they improved the search on their website 🙂

This year, Afisha switched to a new website version and became even more trendy 🙂 The guys prepared a new mobile version design, adjusted the newsfeed and connected the payment system (now tickets are much easier to buy :)). And, of course, Afisha rumbled with the crazy power and drive electronic music fest – FOSFOR, 3rd edition! 24 thousand people – this is tough stuff.

Sporter, as usual, didn’t stay with their performances. During the year, 26 228 people participated in events held by Sporter. All athletes who ran/swam/rode their bikes were awarded almost a ton of well-deserved medals 🙂 The third Chisinau International Marathon this year gathered 17 000 people! Sporter expanded the geography of events – the first half marathon in Balti was perfect. The first open-air triathlon championship was organized. The first official Purcari Wine Run race was held. Sporter held the Sporter Awards 2017 – a ceremony for celebrating hardcore sportsmen, and introduced a rating system for athletes. And another reason for pride is Dmitry Voloshin became president of the National Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

Our most feminine project,, continued to teach the children all sorts of interesting hacks: the new master classes “Polar Bear”, “I draw with my mother”, instantly gained popularity among the children 🙂 Over the year, the team held more than 100 events, to name a few “Beauty breakfasts”, Maratonul de Craciun, HellRun, as well as races and rides preceding the Chisinau International Marathon and Criterium. The fifth puzzle championship, Puzzle Day Castorland, gathered a record number of participants – 400! In addition, the “Mama” took care of those who needed help: the charitable activities “Dedicated to boys and girls… ” and “A single book from everyone” (in partnership with We love our mommies so much 🙂 In addition, a record of attendance was set on the forum.

JobList grew up over the year and turned into a very cool platform with the most convenient tools and options. Consider this: auto-selection of vacancies and resumes, a catalog of companies, an automatic resume writing service and premium blocks – companies and vacancies. Finding a job is now really simple. All you need is prepare a resume;) And JobList signed cooperation agreements with the largest universities in Moldova.

Point, the one that celebrated its 12th anniversary, not only informed about important news, but also approached the most detailed map of Moldova to perfection. But wait, there is more: the app started to use this map to find a taxi 🙂

During the year, Forum took care of people in need. There were held charity events such as “Letter to Father Frost”, “Wерни Wетеранам Wеру”, “A single book from everyone”. Separately, there should be mentioned two activities of the “Dedicated to boys and girls… ” range. As lately as yesterday, activists took part in the spring clean of Chisinau parks.

Our most colorful project Chisinau Is ME made our beloved city more cozy by creating new art-objects. Over the year, we gave a new life to 20 objects in Chisinau. In addition, the guys became partners for a large paint festival. On the project birthday, which was the birthday of Chisinau, there was held the activity “1001 love declarations for Chisinau”. We can’t wait for their new ideas;), the project that appeared in spring, developed such an intense activity over the year that 450 young strong trees appeared in the parks of the capital. In addition, we are really happy as Chisinau inhabitants began to offer trees as gifts to each other, thus expressing love and respect 🙂

As for Lobster, we won’t say anything about this project. We’ll just mention that it’s still as cool as it used to be, and every freediver would be happy to get a lobster 🙂 And yes, it has contributed to setting a world record 😉

And so we had quite a productive year. Now let’s switch to the icing on the cake – the presents we have prepared for you 🙂

Gift launches

Our most posh project –, which is said to know everything about entertainment, today is launching its first mobile application. The new development is available for both Android and iOS. The app features the browser-version tools and option 🙂 In addition, you can use the app to buy tickets. It’s exactly the same thing as on the website – everything is simple and clear 🙂

The project, which is always aware of the latest vacancies in the labor market in Moldova, JobList, has launched a mobile version of the site. Now everybody interested can learn about new job offers, monitor company updates and respond to offers, even without PC access. The mobile version of JobList has preserved almost all the features of the browser version, so there will be no discomfort when using it 🙂

The project, which is familiar with the whole country up to every house, Point Map, has introduced an upgraded app version for iOS. Out of the latest things, we should mention that the map can be as you like, and the app has a new design. Those who haven’t yet installed Point Map – you gotta do it right away 🙂

Our most sporting department, Sporter, has updated the event registration form and has launched Sporter Pay. Now registration for all Sporter events will be carried out through website. The participant only has to create an account in the top bar. Logged sportsmen, in just one click, will be able to register and pay the participation fee. We can’t wait for the new competition this year 🙂

The project that needs no introduction – 999. In 2017, the team worked on a completely new platform, which had the goal to unite all the experts and specialists rendering different services – 999 Master. And just a few days ago, a new option started up: now legal entities also can register in the catalog. As well, search translation is now running on 999, meaning that the system processes requests and issues results in Russian and Romanian. This is convenient 🙂 On top of that, we’re launching a new service – 999 Trends. This is hot fire, because now you can find out what is most often searched for on “999”, what’s trendy and what is worth selling right now:)

Well, our most important novelty is the brand-new project – Ș It’s a news portal for the Romanian speaking audience. The slogan of the project is “Primary source news”. Similar to other news websites, readers can leave comments under each news item. But the point is also that users can appreciate the news by choosing one of the emoticons that reflects the reaction to reading the news. In short, let’s follow the link, read the news and react 🙂

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