Charity Run at the Pole of Cold: Dmitri Voloshin’s new record
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17 January 2019

At Simpals, year 2019 began with records. Dmitri Sergeevich, aka “Padre” inside the company, once again proved that there’s no limit for a person’s willpower, courage, purposefulness and madness, in the finest sense of this word. On January 14, Dmitri Voloshin ran 50 km at -60 ° C in Oymyakon (Yakutia, Russia). He became the first athlete to overcome the ultra-marathon distance at extremely low temperatures.

According to Dmitri, it was the hardest test of his sporting career: “It’s like a spacewalk, terrible frost and lack of air. No equipment can protect you against such frost.”

Dmitri Sergeevich initiated the race as part of the “Unfrozen” charity project, which is aimed at drawing attention to the problem of cerebral palsy (CP) in Moldova and abroad. The project emerged after Dmitri learned the story of Eva Pismenyuk – the little girl who suffers from this disease. He decided to tell about the girl to the whole world, and therefore made her the heroine of a fairy tale. To read the story and contribute, please visit the page of Dmitri Voloshin’s personal blog.

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