The premiere of our new animation film “Dji death Sails”!
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30 December 2014

Merry Christmas everybody and have a Happy New Year with a box full of presents!

Here is our present for you. We launched the second short animated film about adventures of an unlucky death named Dji, and we are ready to show it.

So what is the second animation film about? The same as usually the story is about Dji’s thankless job, which has to take away the dying human soul once again (this time it’s a pirate) and about the way how the screenwriters mock it.

We are just kidding. For real, Dji is a good personage that has to suffer because its infant curiosity and spontaneity that complicates its life (death’s life, very interesting :))

But we can’t develop all details, you better watch the animation film, watch it twice and show your friends. We hope you will like it.

We remind that “Dji Death sails” – is the continuation of serial-prequel for a full-length animation film named “Gipsy”.

PS: This story is based on hearsay and fiction, all coincidences with real people and events are random … or not.

PS2: Enjoy your watching!! And have the great holidays!! 🙂

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