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The most popular classified ads site

The website is daily accessed by over 300,000 visitors who want to buy or sell products or services.

Popular Romanian-language news portal

Știri.md publishes important news in politics, economy, society and entertainment from Moldova and all over the world.


An eco-project designed to turn Chisinau into a “green capital”. Anyone can buy a tree and donate it to the city.

Electronic agendas and grade books

An online platform that brings together parents, teachers and students, and makes the learning process more efficient and transparent.

Online platform for public procurement

A procurement management platform, part of MTender and public procurement reform.

Moldova’s major sports celebration

The most popular sporting event in Moldova. Every year more than 15,000 athletes from 50 countries attend the marathon.

Map of Moldova

Includes public transport routes, navigation and 3D objects.

Adventures of Death named Dji

A series of cartoons about the loser death. Dji is not a standard death. The dark knight appeared in a different guise. No, he’s not white and fluffy. He’s just terribly unlucky.

The most read portal in Moldova

It is currently the most popular information and entertainment resource on the Moldnet. More than 150,000 visitors daily.

Venture startup studio

Simpals Factory is the first venture startup studio in Moldova with 1,000,000 € equity capital.

The Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova

The National Triathlon Sports Federation of the Republic of Moldova. It was founded with the aim to promote and develop triathlon in the country.

The worlds smallest underwater communicator

The world’s most compact underwater transmitter for communication between swimmers and trainers, which is based on bone conduction. Sonr improves training efficiency by 20%.

Infotainment portal

Afisha knows everything about entertainment, so you can buy tickets online to all events.

Public Sports Organization

Sporter’s mission is to develop amateur sports and healthy lifestyles in Moldova. For this purpose, the organization annually conducts various sporting events for professional and amateur athletes.

Freediving weight system

The world’s first adjustable weight system for extended dives.

City art project

Project philosophy – any boring structure can be enlivened with some paint and imagination.

Startup accelerator

Garage generates ideas for innovative devices and implements them.

Electronic document exchange service

Sign, share, and store electronic documents without duplicating them on paper.

Interactive map of historic Chisinau

A project dedicated to restoring the history of Chisinau and Moldova.


The first typeface developed in Moldova and for Moldova.

Search for proven specialists

Verified professionals in various fields. Professionals’ profiles, examples of work they have done and references from real customers.

VR cartoon

The first VR cartoon released in Eastern Europe.

Independent Polling Site

On Votum.md everyone can express their opinion.

Digital agency

Numbers network ads are banner ads on the most popular sites in the country.

Job search and vacancy postings

On Joblist.md, everyone can find a job or a highly qualified professional.

Loan calculator

Pay.md collects credit offers from various institutions from Moldova. Here you can find the best offer and apply for a loan quickly, safely and for free.

The Outdoor Triathlon Championship of Moldova

The first outdoor triathlon championship in Moldova. It has been held annually since 2017.

Video hosting in Moldova

The first video hosting service in the country. Users can watch videos, create their own channels and personalize them according to their individual preferences.

Online forum

A forum for communication and for help in conducting various social and charitable projects.

Wedding catalog

Launched in 2013 in partnership with Simpals.

Race of Heroes

The annual ultra-marathon relay that crosses all over Moldova.

Online forum

An online forum where users (both women and men) share tips and solutions to various problems and can get professional advice from specialists.

Wine cellar and vineyard race

A unique trail race that takes place in the most picturesque nooks of Moldova, as well as in the deepest wine cellars of the country.