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14 October 2007

On October 14th, Simpals launched a new project. Nearly all Moldnet had to think about its name: in just the last two weeks, we received thousands of SMS-messages with variants of answers.

So, the main puzzle of the last month is unraveled: behind the www. *** e * i.md was hidden www.Colegi.md! This gift to Moldnet on City’s Day is dedicated to all those who are looking for a friend.

Colegi.mdwas created to ensure that people do not lose each other, no matter where they are.

Colegi.mdis the first social network web 2.0 in Moldova. Now, all the classmates, colleagues, associates, fellow countrymen can gather here, which increases the chances of finding each other. Colegi.md also helps you to make friends with people with similar interests, of your profession or just good people.

At this stage the company Simpals launched a beta version of Colegi.md. This involves some errors and difficulties in using the site. But soon all the issues will be solved, so, have a little patience.


With the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova,Colegi.md has collected the most complete database of educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova. Our database is constantly updated. This fact makes the search process much easier: users don’t have add the institution where to studied, but to choose from the list. Thus, it’s easier to find your classmates, and for they to find you.

Work colleagues

If you have lost the contact with your former classmates, the social network Colegi.md will help you to renew old ties. You can specify all of the companies in which you have ever worked or are currently working. This will make easier finding you and your colleagues. Next to this the company you have chosen, in parentheses, will be indicated the number of people who also pointed this organization. Half done, you just need to send friend requests.


Specify more hobbies, activities that you like or you are interested in. This will help you find new friends and associates. Maybe you can find people with similar interests, share experiences, find yourself assistants or you will be able to help someone.


The social network Colegi.md is a great way to look for fellow countrymen. It is always interesting what happens in your town or village. Contacting your countrymen, you can be aware of and keep them informed of what is happening on your home. Maybe, Colegi.md will help to meet people who cannot find each other, but have lived side by side…

Working with resources of Colegi.md is facilitated by a system of service messages that come to your specified e-mail. Colegi.md will inform you that your colleague was found.

Similar projects already exist on the Web. But in Moldova, a website with such theme – is the first. This means that most of your colleagues will be here. Sign up; maybe you are already searched by someone…

Colegi.md – Moldova’s first social network, the best way to communicate with classmates, colleagues, associates and fellow countrymen.

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