Personal Development Plan
If your world has accelerated just like ours over the past two years, you will understand exactly what we mean.
Coffe break
Working at Simpals is not just about challenging tasks, constant growth and cool folks around from whom you learn new
The evolution of Simpals. Business investments
We love our job. And we also love to talk about what’s behind the projects we promote 🙂 Our friends
Prospera at Simpals
Moldova will definitely become a business-friendly country! This is a tiny spoiler but it won’t ruin the post 🙂 And
The mysterious word “motivation” stops scaring you when you start … talking to employees. 🙂 The best way to increase productivity
International nonWorkaholics Day
Bet you know what day was yesterday? First off, Moldova has become a maritime power. Second off, the whole world
Simpals has a new team member
We have great news! Simpals has a new team member – Irina Stich, Chief Marketing Officer, who will lead the
A new member of Simpals — Viorel Cojocari, Commercial Director
We are honored to introduce you to the new member of Simpals — Viorel Cojocari, Commercial Director. Viorel brings 13
Environmental Education Day
Every day, calendars give us a new occasion to celebrate something. Today is an important day, when we should remember
The day of true heroes
Today we mark the day of true heroes! The day of the heroes who lived in the middle of the
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter! May you be blessed with peace, warmth and kindness in your home! May our lives be full of
Happy Labor Day
Happy Holiday everyone! Happy Labor Day! We wish you all love and passion for what you do. Year after year,
SONR, now available in 16 countries around the world
Three years of labor. 7 prototype versions. Hundreds of tests and challenges, and the world’s smallest underwater transmitter for swimmers,
Simpals Studio made the world’s first 1D animated movie
On the company’s B-day, Simpals Studio released the world’s first 1D cartoon — “1DryCat”. The idea of making a one-dimensional
#HBD19 sets for Simpals residents
On our birthday, we offer gifts not just to our friends and users, but also to our employees. And if
Happy Birthday Simpals! We are 19 years old!
On our birthday we usually take stock and make new plans. This is why we are happy to tell you
“The Flat” earned a medal from Florida
It has been a long time since we shared the news with you. So, let’s get it fixed! Especially that
A new HR Director in our Simpals team!
Meet Iulia Mașcauțan – HR Director in our large team. Iulia has been working in HR for 10 years. For
Pancake Kings at Simpals
Did you have any idea that there are Pancake Kings among Simpals employees? It turned out by surprise when we
Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director
Digital Marketing department at Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director! Welcome Evgeny Martynov, who has joined our team! For
Point.md turned 15 years!
Today,the most popular news aggregator in Moldova, and one of the Simpals projects – Point.md, celebrates its birthday! Turning 15!
Simpals appoints Eugeniu Procopi as Director of Sporter
We’re happy to introduce you a new member of the Simpals team – Eugeniu Procopi, Director of Sporter organization! Eugeniu
Happy B-day, Forum!
Today is the B-day of one of the oldest Simpals project — Forum.md! Believe it or not, it still remembers
Simpals appoints Maxim Banga as Chief Financial Officer
We are honored to introduce you to the new Simpals CFO, Maxim Banaga. Maxim has over 13 years of experience
Sporter restarts the legendary Rubicon
“Friends, the RUBICON is back in Moldova!”. This is how the new year 2021 started at Sporter. We’ve had no
Obscene usernames and avatars will be blocked on Point.md
The Point.md team continues to change and complete the functionality of the site to make communication in comments even more
Simpals confirmed ISO compliance
There are some events that you want to share over and over again. We’re talking about a very important test
New Year’s Eve results or Demo Day 2.0
The rule here at Simpals is to sum up the results on New Year’s Eve. So, DemoDay has become a
Simpals gifts: 2021 edition
You should start the new year right – with a huge charge of vitamins, good (bottled) mood, and, of course,
Happy Birthday, Profi.md!
Today is a special day for specialists, experts and seasoned professionals! Our specialist search service Profi.md turns three! Every day,
Aheel team produced a new version of the device
Continuous testing and CustDev results have pushed Aheel to sweeping changes. It turned out that users want the device to
Project 999.md turned 21 years!
Today 999.md is celebrating the 21st birthday! The age of consent, right? And all this time, 999 has been assisting

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