We create things, that creates trends
The most popular classified ads site

The website is daily accessed by over 300,000 visitors who want to buy or sell products or services.

Infotainment portal

Afisha knows everything about entertainment, so you can buy tickets online to all events.

Video hosting in Moldova

The first video hosting service in the country. Users can watch videos, create their own channels and personalize them according to their individual preferences.

Search for proven specialists

Verified professionals in various fields. Professionals’ profiles, examples of work they have done and references from real customers.

Online forum

An online forum where users (both women and men) share tips and solutions to various problems and can get professional advice from specialists.

Job search and vacancy postings

On Joblist.md, everyone can find a job or a highly qualified professional.

Digital agency

Numbers network ads are banner ads on the most popular sites in the country.

Loan calculator

Pay.md collects credit offers from various institutions from Moldova. Here you can find the best offer and apply for a loan quickly, safely and for free.

Wedding catalog

Launched in 2013 in partnership with Simpals.