April at Simpals was a month of fruitful quarantine: our updates digest
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1 May 2020

May is coming, and with it the International Labor Day. We decided to draw a conclusion on the results obtained in April at Simpals and to tell you about the updates and plans of some of our projects. We have a lot of news. We told you about some of them in our “anti-crisis” launches, and we will talk about the fresh ones here.



It is currently the fastest growing Simpals project. In one month, the platform was completely updated: an opportunity for students to send homework to teachers directly on Studii.md appeared, a library with all school textbooks was created, training courses (including for the BAC exam) were launched. Also, the “Health” reports became available, enabling students and their parents to independently note their health status. In addition, the registration method has been simplified: now, the principals can register students and parents independently. And very soon, the “video conferencing” option will be launched. Lessons will be conducted online directly in the system, with no additional programs. Finally, the most pleasant thing was the fact that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research recommended the Studii.md platform for distance learning!


The 999 team also made a series of updates in April: they modified the subscription system and added the “Mutual assistance in quarantine” category, where users can exchange free services. Be the next to join us! And also, you can now submit ads easier because you don’t have to enter a phone number (communication can be transferred to chat).


During the quarantine, the Sporter team as well as all of us had to forget about outdoor sports and mass competitions. But they haven’t been discouraged and, in addition to online gym workouts, are now working on launching a fun weight loss marathon, Fat-Frumos. You will soon find out all the details!


For the Price project, April became a record for the launch of free sites – 55 contracts in one month, and 20 sites are already up and running!


In April, Afisha did not let anyone get bored: every Friday, there was a live concert with musicians from Moldova. The three concerts were watched and listened to by tens of thousands of spectators!


WOWSA (the association that organizes the world’s most important swimming competitions) made a publication in its blog about the latest development of the Garage project – the underwater transmitter Sonr. In addition, the project team will soon present the improved version of the product, with a patented micro antenna and a recharging station, in a new package.

Simpals Studio

“ARIPI”, the first VR cartoon in Moldova, turned one year old this April. During this year, the cartoon toured the world, participated in renowned international festivals and obtained over 20 awards. Recently, an award from the “Lichter on Demand” festival in Germany has reached us.

On the whole, although the Simpals teams work remotely, they manage to launch useful and interesting updates. Sometimes it can be difficult, but the quarantine restrictions will be lifted very soon, which means that life at Simpals will return to its usual frenetic pace.

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