Simpals Company and its volunteers help fight against coronavirus
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3 April 2020

The number of coronavirus victims increases with each passing day. The doctors are struggling to help the contaminated, working almost nonstop.


Due to a weak technical base and lack of protection means, doctors’ health is in danger. At this moment, 80 medical workers were infected with COVID-19, which means that every fifth contaminated person is a doctor. 

To help the doctors and protect them, as people who risk daily their own health in order to save others, Moldova citizens decided to offer their solutions to this problem.

From underwater to hospitals

One of the volunteers’ idea was to adjust the snorkeling mask, so it could fully cover the face and allow breathing through the tube. These types of masks are already being used in the Italian hospitals. “One of the ways the virus gets into the human body is the eyes. This is why these masks are perfect for the doctors who perform intubations. Additionally, we slightly modified the breathing tube. First of all, we made them longer, so the doctors wouldn’t need to breathe in the same air as the infected patients. This way, the tubes can be set on the back or connected to air lines. Secondly, we added filters to the masks”, reported Serghei Legheida, the Sporter manager at Simpals. He is the author of this unusual idea of protecting the Moldovan doctors. According to Serghei, they use gas mask filters and automobile oil filters. Additionally, mask adapters for pressurization improvement are printed on 3D printers. They are also working on alternative filters. 

At this moment, over a dozen of such masks were transmitted to Chisinau hospitals. Therefore, on April 2, these protective masks were donated to the doctors from the Emergency Medical Hospital and the COVID-19 Center at Moldexpo. Moreover, after speaking with the medical staff, the volunteers decided to find a way of adjusting the medical filters. 

Sadly, but the volunteers are short of snorkeling masks. “If you have this type of masks, donate them to a good cause. You don’t need them now, but the doctors do, because they daily work with infected patients. Besides that, the medical personnel desperately need cameras and video surveillance systems for remote monitoring of patients, domes for the infected, transparent intubation cubes and video laryngoscopes”, Serghei Legheida urges everyone to help. To contribute to mask preparation for doctors, write at or phone by 079 130 901.



Coronavirus plastic shield

A non-profit initiative group, Viziere, also proposed its development: visors for doctors. The visor is made of a rim, which is worn on the head, and a transparent plastic protection shield. The main advantage of this visor is that it is worn on top of the face masks and protection glasses, and doesn’t fog up.

“The rim is printed on a 3D printer. It is quite simple and cheap, but, at this moment, it is vital to print them as much as possible. Therefore, about 20 printers work nonstop. We encourage everyone to participate in visor manufacturing”, said Constantin Stog, one of the Viziere project organizers. According to the organizers, over 500 visors were sent to the Chisinau hospitals yesterday. 

“Nowadays everyone is readjusting their production in order to help combat the coronavirus, therefore, we started using our equipment for manufacturing as many visor rims as we can. We are very happy to help our doctors”, said Serghei Logvinenco, the Garage manager, who also supported the volunteers’ initiative. 

First of all, the project needs consumable PET-G, because without it the visor production is impossible. 

If you want to help and you have the necessary means, contact the organization by phone: 068 251 746 or fill in the following form

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