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1 April 2024

For 22 years we have loved what we do, and on our birthday Simpals made a present to Chisinau. Our company has shown that it is possible to do business on an international scale in Moldova. What’s behind Simpals’ success and what did the capital receive as a gift?

The modern world is very dynamic, which means it’s important to be ready for change. At Simpals, we embrace challenges, easily adapt to new conditions and deliver what people need right now. Hundreds of company employees come to work to create unique products and projects that change lives.

The Simpals world has been, is and will continue to be a blue ocean of possibilities.

Every day we ask ourselves the question – “What if…?”. And we find unexpected solutions. That’s how we make pure magic – one of Simpals values. Our mission is to discover new worlds, inspiring by example, and that’s what our 20+ projects are all about: 

  •       Major online classifieds board in Moldova –;
  •       Effective promotion for entrepreneurs – Simpals Sales;
  •       Full photo and video support – Simpals Production;
  •       News portals Point and Stiri;
  •       Independent polling platform – Votum;
  •       First Moldovan typeface – Onest;
  •       Transparent public procurement system –;
  •       E-gradebooks and e-diaries –;
  •       Online ticketing –;
  •       Underwater radio – SONR Communicator;
  •       Underwater player – SONR Music;
  •       Unique freediving weight systems – Lobster Weight and Lobster Squid;
  •       “Green” energy – Solar;
  •       Charging station network for electric cars – We go Eco;
  •       The most detailed map –;
  •       Assistant in searching for jobs and employees –;
  •       Portal of trusted specialists –;
  •       First women’s forum –;
  •       Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova – FTRM.

One of Simpals’ daring projects – Sporter – organizes the most massive and colorful sports events in Moldova, from the incredible Chisinau Marathon, to the unique Rubicon and the atmospheric VeloHora. It makes tens of thousands of people more active, stronger and healthier – join us!

To encourage more people in our country to believe in their abilities and move towards their dreams, every week we inspire them with stories about outstanding compatriots in the project “100 Inventors from Moldova”.

Our projects Chisinau is Me and Verde gave Chisinau green squares and innovative street art. It would be weird if we didn’t come up with something special for our birthday. So, for its 22nd anniversary Simpals adds value to the Moldovan ban! to the Moldovan banu! We present to Chisinau an updated monument to the smallest unit of national currency of Moldova – 1 banu. We give Chisinau an updated monument to the smallest unit of the national currency of Moldova – 1 ban. The author of the sculpture is Veaceslav Jiglitski.


The previous 1.7-meter diameter ban was made of modern materials, which turned out to be not the most durable. Now we install at ASEM a full-fledged aluminum Moldovan coin, which goes straight into the piggy bank.

Why the piggy bank? Because the monument symbolizes investments, as every ban has a value. Financial flows are made up of bani, which entrepreneurs direct to the development of businesses and job creation. The bani, which they send to the treasury in the form of taxes and fees, add up to millions, billions of lei, and are directed to education, medicine, and infrastructure.

Therefore, the coin is a lucky one. People already throw coins for luck into the piggy bank of the monument, and, as Chisinau residents assure, the earliest luck comes to entrepreneurs. The coin also hides the main secret code of success. Find 999 on the coin, rub it and make a wish. Done? Now make a plan and boldly set out to fulfill your dreams – just as we have been doing for 22 years. Dream, act and never stop!

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