Point.md – 18 years old
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20 February 2024

Point.md, the most popular news portal in the country, celebrates its birthday today. For 18 years, it remains the intersection of people and news feeds. Just imagine: 9,470,000 visitors in 2023 alone!

The recipe for Point.md’s success is no secret: responsiveness, impartiality and working with trusted sources. There is another important ingredient – respect for readers. It appears in everything:

  • Easy navigation in the desktop version and apps for iOS and Android ensure simplicity of use and accessibility from different devices;
  • Presence on popular social media and messenger helps everyone stay on top of major events;
  • Availability of not only exclusive news and publications but also useful services makes it easier to solve many tasks;
  • The ability to customize the feed according to interests and participate in news discussions makes the portal more engaging and interactive.

Flexibility, speed and symbiosis are Simpals values that have helped Point become a leader on Moldovan Internet. For 18 years, it has been the place where the people of Moldova find recent, useful and important news. In all that time, Point has grown, developed and become more robust so that we can think and decide freely.

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