Let’s give children the New Year – we did it!
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24 December 2012

Our friendly company would like to thank everyone who took part in the charity event “Let’s give children the New Year”. We did it!

Let us remind you that we were collecting funds for the purchase of fruits and equipment for deaf and hearing-impaired children from the special school №12.

The school takes care of 120 children and one orphan. With little time at our disposal, we managed to raise funds together with our colleagues (the company Simpals) and faithful forum users. After a week of active fundraising we collected 6000 lei which is great!

Since the school needed money to buy equipment and hearing aid devices, we offered them financial assistance. But!!! The New Year is just around the corner, isn’t it? So we decided to hold a party for these children and bought a lot of fruit and sweets.

This is how it was:

On December 21, we were invited to a matinee which included traditional performances as well as presentation of achievements made by the children from the special school №12.

We went there together with Igor Penkov, an active forum user (thank you for your participation and attendance at the matinee).

We were really impressed by the concert. The children sang songs (using gestures) and danced. We were particularly pleased and inspired by the fact that the children were happy at that school among their peers and teachers. They supported each other during performances, cheered each other up and rejoiced after each performance.

They are a close-knit family where people love and care about each other. Money can’t buy this atmosphere.

Join us next time. Follow our news here and here.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the party for these wonderful children! 🙂






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