Our speakers at Impact for Breakfast: Simpals sharing experience
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27 February 2023

Social responsibility has turned out to be a trend this week, a trend supported by the participation of our colleagues Ecaterina Boico and Anastasia Berzoi in Impact for Breakfast, a program that promotes responsible business ideas.

The task of the I4B is to disseminate business practices that are not only profitable but also have a positive impact on society and the environment. This could refer to green technologies, the implementation of social and ethical standards, and management systems. Since Simpals has been guided by such principles for 21 years, the I4B hosts wanted to hear about our company’s experience. “Almost every one of our projects fits the definition of impact,” notes Simpals HR director Ecaterina Boico.

“A year ago, we finally formulated the company’s goals and realized that for us it was important to work so that we could inspire others by our example and help build a new world,” says 999 Market Product Marketing Manager Anastasia Berzoi.

That aspiration translates into real action. “If we talk about the most obvious social impact, it’s the popularization of amateur sports, – Anastasia continues. – Thanks to the Sporter association, marathons and other sporting events, the number of people who are active in the country has multiplied, and Moldova has become better known internationally”.

Verde.md, launched after the famous April 2017 snowfall, was also an important project to help with the restoration of the capital’s parks and squares. “Our projects studii.md, id.md and achizitii.md are aimed at digitalizing Moldova and increasing the transparency of public services, – Anastasia reminds. – As a whole, Simpals has only a few income-generating projects, while the rest of them address social issues. The money we earn, we invest in the development of society”.

The psychological atmosphere in the company is the key to the success of all the projects. Ecaterina Boico talks about how Simpals protects employees from stress and burnout. The company has an extensive system that includes testing, analytics, and support, from fruits and massage, to awesome corporate events and team activities. “It’s certainly easier to work with employee motivation overall when the founder is inspired, – she underlines. – It’s about gathering the right people around who are deep into their projects”.

The mission of Simpals is to open up new worlds, inspiring by example, which is what we prove with each of our projects.

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