Sporter is opening the season of medals in Moldova
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3 July 2020

Sporter team is launching a new project — RUNdemia Online Marathon!

There’s no denying that the pandemic deranged all the plans for playing sports in 2020. But we did not despair. Sporter team found a way to conduct an absolutely safe marathon for all and give athletes the opportunity to earn their first medal this year.


Now, when most of the restrictions in Moldova have been lifted, RUNdemia begins! And it will last for as long as a week: from 6 to 13 July.

RUNdemia marathon is like no ordinary time run. There is a whole week of running for the results. Participants themselves choose their own route, start time and distance. You can even enter your usual run in the race results. The main thing is to register every distance with a tracker and send a screenshot to Sporter team.

The goal of the marathon participants is to run not faster than everyone else, but run a longer distance than everyone else. Those who run a minimum of 10 km in a week will receive a medal – their first one in 2020. Those who run more than 10 km will have an opportunity to compete for a podium place and gifts.

Let the races start!

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