Roman Stirbu shared Simpals’ experience on Dopomoga podcast
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10 June 2024

Simpals CEO Roman Stirbu was invited to speak on the podcast of the international staffing company Dopomoga group. With Dopomoga CEO Eugenia Danu, Roman discussed the current conditions of company development and told what gives business the opportunity to work in a self-organized environment.

The opportunity to learn from Roman’s experience and his personal achievements is a serious bonus for budding entrepreneurs. Simpals has gone from being a startup to becoming a large business with numerous and versatile projects, present in markets in different countries.


“Simpals’ greatest value is its people,” Roman notes. – A company without people is nothing, a lifeless structure”. With businesses around the world suffering from staffing shortages, Simpals has found its algorithm for building a successful HR strategy. ”You have a choice – sit and wait, but in this case someone will overtake you, or  invest in specialists and educate them,” Roman points out. Because if you train your team, they will be like commandos on the battlefield, when everyone knows what to do”.


Roman admits that Simpals did not come to this position immediately, but now he is convinced that investing in the development of employees and creating self-organizing teams working in symbiosis is a winning strategy. It is this strategy that allows to successfully develop new business lines and enter new markets.


“Simpals’ experience shows that we are not hostages of a small country,” says Roman Stirbu. – We have smart guys who should be given the opportunity to prove themselves. We can enter the big market”. Roman generously shares this experience on various platforms, including the Dopomoga group podcast.

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