How to raise money for a Moldovan startup? – Go into a subway
Go into a subway 😂 Of course it’s a joke.  On December 5, a training was organized, where Sonr Moldovan startup
“999” – 20th anniversary!
20 years! Exactly 20 years ago the website was launched, which nowadays is used by all Moldovan residents! 🙂
Hey, happy “2D”ays!
On this day, no one bathes in fountains, no one shouts: “Glory to the animation!”. Firstly, because December is too
It’s our “Black Friday”
If you are “addicted” to sports and are looking forward to the holidays, as well as to the new sporting
Well, after all the “glodiators” have washed their equipment, it’s time to recall how it all happened back at the
Twice the best VR project
In November, our cartoon “ARIPI” visited two cool American film festivals at once: in Baltimore and in Austin. Visited, attended,
The most detailed map of Moldova,, introduced another city
Now users can easily navigate and find the necessary addresses in the large industrial center in the north of the
Who is the “appropriate” staff in a company?
Our friends from Urban Center – the Youth Educational and Leisure Center – help us in organizing events. Yesterday, a is the online platform for the school reform! is the online platform which was designed for the electronic transfer of the main educational processes. 🎓 The project’s
BigData Times
In the days of the Big Data craze, the issue of information security is becoming more and more relevant not
When the “garage” is full of interesting stuff
Even if the majority of people take the old and unnecessary stuff to the garage, Simpalsians consider it a place in Romania!
We have great news this Friday! While some Simpalsians have a cup of coffee with biscuits, others went to conquer
We love you, Chisinau International Marathon! :)
Drop everything now and watch the marathon aftermovie! So many happy faces! So many victories and personal records! Maybe you
Plan B: the heating season
Friends, our team is working on a special project called “Plan B”, which is designed to help people in emergency
ARIPI. Victory tastes like maple syrup!
Dear friends, we have some great news straight from the maple syrup and hockey country of origin! 🙂 First of
A visit to Simpals Studio – a short trip into the world of the future
We all know how quickly children grow and how their interests change from generation to generation. More recently, children were is a new project!
On September 24, the digitization of the educational process via online gradebooks and agendas took place. Within this event,
3D objects on the Moldova map! added 3D objects of the famous historical monuments and tourist attractions on the Chisinau and other Moldovan cities map.
How they tasted wine at Simpals
Everyone knows that Simpals is not just about large-scale projects and brilliant ideas. Simpals people know how to work productively,
Plan B: how to run a marathon without injuries
Three weeks before the marathon your browser is full of search questions like “How do I run 42 km if
New design for Stiri!
Design should be not only attractive, but also functional (and also useful, of course!). The other day, the Stiri team
Road director
It’s when your boss says that you have to be able to patch any holes and he himself is (literally)
As if it were 9 August :)
We’ve got 3 bags of details, 1 draft and 210 people, half a salt cellar of ketchup (left from lunch)
Give a high five and go running!
Do you know how to take the heat out of a busy Wednesday? 😝 Arrange for a training session! Especially that
Watermelon&justmelon frenzy day
The world does not cease debate about what a watermelon is – a berry, a vegetable or a fruit. Meanwhile
Elusive Matcovschi
After so many years of working together side by side, after thousands of tasks and problems solved with the simple
Happy PADREday!
Wise people say that everything starts with an idea. A small sparkle flashing in mind grows, develops, makes people change,
La Frigărui
When the two months of summer have passed by so quickly? And you haven’t had barbeque yet? It’s time to
Happy birthday, Madre!
Look out! Those who are reading this post right now are going to be overwhelmed by a wave of kind
The fast travel secret from Simpals
How can you visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the famous Empire State Building in New York the same
Simpals is among the founding members of the Association of Electronic Companies of Moldova (ACEM)
Moldova breaks new ground in the field of electronics: several companies engaged in the electronics industry, including Simpals SRL, have

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