Sporter celebrates 8 years!
When the Sporter project appeared 8 years ago, it was hard to imagine how much amateur sport would change in kicks off online presidential election
The sociological poll site has launched online voting for the presidential elections of 2020. Citizens can vote and express
Aheel news: project changes its concept
The Aheel team promised to tell the whole truth about how the startup develops and its difficulties. So, they made
Clean hands = Live hands
Friends, let’s remind you again of the important rules of hygiene! And remember, it’s better to share positive emotions than
Aheel project on quarantine
Covid-19 detected in Simpals! Aheel goes to quarantine. Our founder and CEO of Aheel Dmitri Voloshin, fell sick with the no longer has Karma restrictions
After numerous polls and responses from users, we decided to quit the system of restrictions on the site as
Yes, we’ll have a Chisinau Marathon 2020! No blocked traffic
In spite of everything, we will have a Chisinau International Marathon this year! On Sunday, September 27, we invite all
Aheel is looking for interns to join the team
Aheel team needs help! The project is recruiting interns who can join the team and, together with us, promote the
Aheel: Follow the launch of the startup on Kickstarter in real time
Our project Garage has launched a reality show where you can keep track of how to run a start-up and
“Aripi” won the “Innovative Storytelling” nomination in Switzerland
We’d like to share some news with you. The Gässli Film Festival has just come to an end. This is an
New project aLIVE: ask an expert on air
The women’s forum and the public organization Forum have launched the social project aLIVE — an online live broadcast users got virtual “Karma”
A user influence system – the “Karma”, is now available on The higher it is, the more credibility you
“The Ocean” — a short story with deep meaning
Meet “The Ocean”! The first, but not the last, sketch released by our animation studio from the new 2D cartoon
Purcari Wine Run 2020 trail race has been postponed to next year
Athletes who wanted to participate in Purcari Wine Run will be able to do it no earlier than next year.
Lobster mentioned in Red Dot Yearbook
There are three things that you can endlessly contemplate at Simpals: fire sparkling (in employees’ eyes as they are working
Chisinau International Marathon 2020, see you next year
This is probably not the right time for such news, and it never will be. But … The Chisinau International
July updates for in-app video calls and online bidding
The “999” team had a very fruitful July. Simultaneously, two important updates were released – free video calls from the
Good news from Simpals Studio
We sincerely believe that Monday is the time for good news (how you begin your week can often tell you
Simpals launches a new project – electronic document exchange service
We have launched a new project for small, medium and large enterprises – the electronic document exchange service, With
10 886 in a week – the record of Rundemia online marathon
An unusual online race – the RUNdemia, has just ended in Moldova. Its participants ran a total of 10,886.64 km
Additional 20 slots open at Rundemia
Everyone who failed to join the RUNdemia online race can do so right now. That’s because 20 places have been
Sporter is opening the season of medals in Moldova
Sporter team is launching a new project — RUNdemia Online Marathon! There’s no denying that the pandemic deranged all the can help you navigate inside buildings
A new feature is available on – Indoor mapping. Let us tell you and show you what this is
Lobster got an “Oscar” in terms of industrial design
One of the inventions of Garage startup accelerator, the Lobster Freediving Weight, received the Red Dot Design Award, which is
History and architecture in 3D on
Historical architecture comes alive with We have already shared the news that the map is available in a new
#Neampornit: helps to develop domestic tourism in Moldova
A new category – #Neampornit, has appeared on With it, you can travel, find new tourist places and add
All schools in Gagauzia will be connected to platform
We are always proud to talk about the achievements of our projects, but this news shocked us all (in the
Pria E-Commerce in Moldova
On 10 June, Roman Stirbu, CEO of Simpals will attend “Pria E-Commerce in Moldova” – an online conference, which is
Triathlon Triumph 2020 championship postponed to next year
The Triathlon Triumph 2020 championship’s edition has been cancelled. The organizers made this decision in connection with the unstable epidemiological
Sporter held a Cycling day in support of VeloHora
Saturday, May 30, Cycling day was held in Chisinau. The participants had a chance to ride their favorite routes in
May at Simpals: our updates digest
So, another month of hard work is over. Even though circumstances have made us work remotely, the results for this
The psychological assistance program “I choose to feel good”, available on
Recordings of psychological assistance and support courses under the state program programs within the psychological assistance program “I choose to

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