ARIPI “has conquered” the sky and the viewers’ hearts for a whole year!
Exactly a year ago, ARIPI “flew” around the world. So last year, on the International Cosmonautics Day, we presented our
We #stayathome and keep working
The “world” stays home. The Planet is in quarantine. It’s a difficult time in history both for people on the
Studii.md has launched online courses for students
Studii.md has launched a platform comprising free online courses in main school subjects and lessons for students who are preparing
999 and Joblist launched a free urgent recruiting service during the pandemic
999.md and Joblist.md launched a new block for all who are in search of temporary employees  during the quarantine period
Shop.price.md helped open for free 40 online shops during 2 weeks
Over 40 Moldovan companies accepted the shop.price.md offer and opened for free their online shops during the last 2 weeks,
A library with all school textbooks is available at Studii.md
Starting today, the educational process resumes. For the convenience of students, a new section has appeared on Studii.md. There are
999 help doctors find lodging near work
On 999.md website there is now an opportunity to rent housing out to doctors near their work. These days, doctors
999.md supports local farmers who want to sell their products
Today, Moldovan farmers who grow their own vegetables and fruits are on the verge of bankruptcy. Owing to the declaration
Studii.md presents a new tool — homework
The Studii.md platform works on improving distance learning and announces a new feature that has been developed in response to
Simpals Company and its volunteers help fight against coronavirus
The number of coronavirus victims increases with each passing day. The doctors are struggling to help the contaminated, working almost
Simpals donates video laryngoscopes to Moldovan clinics
On its 18th birthday, the company donated to medical institutions in the country the necessary equipment. Today Simpals company is
Training at Simpals: Jobs To Be Done is the task which needs to be completed
Simpals Company is an IT company, which links about 40 projects and 4 product teams. Each team has its own
How to set up remote team work? Studii.md shares its experience
Like Google, Yandex, Tweeter, Facebook and other IT companies from all over the world, Simpals decided to temporarily switch to
Hincesti Center for Children with Disabilities requires help
There are 253 children and 200 employees at the Temporary Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Hincesti. At this
”I help. I care!” Offer a hand of help to elders!
With the imposition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova, a great number of elderly people and
Simpals conducts online interviews during quarantine
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, more IT companies are announcing their switch to remote work, in order
Plan B: how to protect yourself from COVID-19
The World Health Organization announced a pandemic of the new coronavirus. The new episode of Plan B project will bust
Simpals offers free online shops for business during quarantine ®
This is primarily due to the fact that the consequences of combating COVID-19 have seriously affected the profitability and income
The most important thing in combating the spreading virus isn’t just washing hands and keeping calm, it’s also reducing the
Simpals is switching to remote working mode
Starting today, Simpals is switching to remote working mode, which will last a week. Familiar working spirit, when the whole
Meet Sonr!
Meet Sonr – a device intended for swimmers, coaches, freedivers and triathletes, specially designed to make you a champion as
Simpalsian “Maslenitsa”
While everyone is celebrating Maslenitsa, we decided to give up the traditional Russian pancake party and chose a different method
Bringing walls Simpals to life
If your kids love to paint on the walls, send them to art school 😄 Maybe in a few years
Point.md – 14 years of unceasing news flow
Friends, can we please have your attention for a moment? A congratulation post will follow. Our company has an important
Outer space
It is not only in fairy tales that you can see magic walls 🙂 They pretty well exist in the real
JCI visiting Simpals
Recently, a delegation from JCI (Junior Chamber International) – a large noncommercial and nongovernmental organisation which unites the youth all
In the new year, the cartoon Aripi continues bringing us good news from festivals
Here we come to your feed, bringing cheerful news! This spring, spring, our cartoon will take part again in very
Moldovan product wins international design award
We are extremely proud that Lobster Freediving Weight was so highly rated! If we refer to the world of cinema,
How the machines learn at Simpals company
Long time ago, computers were considered only as mechanical calculators. Nowadays, computers are able to draw paintings and write poems,
The cartoon “Aripi” debuts on 2019 Forbes list of TOP 50 VR projects
The online edition of Forbes – the world’s leading business magazine, included the Moldovan cartoon “ARIPI” in the list of
Simpals has joined the FinTech committee of ATIC
Simpals has joined the new consultative committee of the Moldovan Association of Information and Communications Technology Companies (ATIC) devoted to
Little visitors in a company this big
The other day, a whole crew of noisy active children with a truckload of “Whys” paid us a visit. They

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