The non-profit eco project Verde.md, launched in Moldova on July 12, brings together more and more people eager to give
Corporate party “Wet T-shirts”
Having lived through the coolest and most professional relay Triathlon Triumph (the first in Moldova!), FOSFOR – the electro music
The winners of Ghidighici Sea Mile 2017 were announced
16 July, the fifth edition of the open water competition, Ghidighici Sea Mile, was held on the Ghidighici Lake. Nearly
Company list: from A to Z
Dear friends, we’ve got good news! Now you can benefit from an advanced search, very convenient for scrolling through the
Registration for the Purcari Wine Trail Run is open
Registration for the Purcari Wine Run is declared open! Amateur athletes who wish to participate in the first official 10
Court, Rackets and Two Tennis Balls
Dear friends, if you think court tennis is just about useless racket waving, snow white mini-skirts, and a poster on
The Working Saturday or How we looked for Sithes)
It`s a matter of taste, but we consider the Working Saturday a real holiday! Do you know, why? Because everything,
Triathlon Triumph 2017 is coming soon!
Accept the challenge of this summer! Participate to the first triathlon of the Republic of Moldova – Triathlon Triumph! On
Simpals Kids
Hey guys! Today is International Children’s Day! Today all children in the world must be the haaapiest and the most
Fosfor 2017
Hey there! We are happy to announce our lineup for FOSFOR Electro Music Festival! 19 talented artists will shine on
Lobster was presented at Eudi Show in Italy
The unique Lobster Weight System for freedivers was presented on the 25-th annual International Exposition of freediving equipment “Eudi Show”,
The first day of spring in Simpals
Dear friends, finally spring is here! We were waiting for it since fell down the first autumn leaves, since the
Cricova Wine Run 2017
  On January 29, three hundred people gathered on the territory of Cricova Winery and ran 10 km in the
Eskimo Day in Simpals
There are moments when you are in the middle of the winter, outside is snowing but you want to feel
Battle with cold weapons at Simpals
We are glad to meet you in 2017 year with the same beauty, energy and enthusiasm! Finally, winter remembered that
Hard Rock Party
Each person associate New Year with something bright, quiet and magical, but it’s not about us. As usual, Simpals break
Simpals company was included in the list of Large Taxpayers
Simpals company was included in the list of the Large Taxpayers of Moldova for the 2017 year, according to a
1000 Euro collected for Maxim Gavrilenko at the Christmas Marathon 2016
The most grandiose event which took place at the eve of the New Year’s holidays – the Christmas Marathon –
We wish you a Mandarin New Year!
Round, orange, sour and sweet at the same time and full of holiday spirit. We talk about mandarins, mandarins and
Update for Point Money app on iOS
Point Money team is glad to present you the updated version of mobile app on iOS. In updated version it
Cute New Year postcards from 999
New Year Eve is the time when you want to tell nice things to your friends and family, to tell
Visits to the doctor became more colorful, thanks to Chisinau Is ME team
Chisinau Is ME art-project team wants that every child could smile, even if they pass through a hard period. They
„999 Market” moved to a new domain – Price.md
Online-shop “999 Market” moved to a new domain – Price.md. The steady expansion of the sellers catalogs and products determined
Simpals – The best!
Dear friends, do you wanna know a good news? We are the best, according to the MBPA (Business People Association
International day of pets
Today is the international day of pets and we join too this feast. Because we have our office pets which
FOSFOR. How it was
The 1st October, on the Central square of Tiraspol was held the light, sound and mega positive mood show –
Family race HellRun 2016 was held in Moldova for the first time
On Saturday, October 29, on the eve of Halloween, the first in Moldova race for the whole family – HellRun
The moderator’s professional day
Do you know that looking in the comments on the news websites it is like looking in the dark which
Accountant, my lovely accountant
Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of
Deadline never dies
On monday, all the people in the Simpals office, was awaiting in  suspense. It wasn’t a joke, the City Quest
It’s just Halloween
Friends, the office of the company Simpals got filled with all sorts of ghouls and witches, pumpkin heads rolled in,
Happy Lawyer’s Day!
Friends! Whole our wonderful republic celebrates the people whose work is  linked forever to the blindfold woman with the weights.

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