Onest – Moldova now has an official typeface
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12 January 2024

Straight, practical, understandable – Onest has become the official typeface of our country. According to the decision of the government, it will be used on all government institutions’ websites.

Within 12 months, ministries and other central government bodies must bring their internet resources into line with the new regulations, while the cabinet of ministers has recommended that local authorities do the same. 

The typeface was created in Moldova to become the voice of all those living here, Dmitri Voloshin says: “At some point I realized that the destiny of the typeface we are working on is to help our state. To help it communicate with us, the citizens, simply, clearly and, most importantly, honestly. That’s why I decided to make the typeface free and offer it to Moldova, calling it Onest (honest)”.

Moldova has its own recognisable lettering. Not every country can boast of having its own distinctive typeface. Finland created Finland Sans to promote its culture; Sweden Sans is Sweden’s national typeface; Canada 150 was a gift to Canada on its 150th anniversary, and Helvetica has become a symbol of Swiss typographic style. 

Honest is the first typeface developed for Moldova to make communication more open and honest.

Who stands behind the development of Onest:

Idea, typography: Dmitri Voloshin;

Design: Andrey Kudryavtsev, Vitali Covalenco, Maxim Kılçık;

Strategy: Eugen Boico.

Onest is a smart typeface that makes it easy to read long text on all device screens while keeping it compact. The typeface turned out to be harmonious, clear, easy to read – honest indeed. You can see and learn all about it by visiting



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