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19 October 2009

While you are thinking about the script for the third picture (cartoon) and animators are working on the cartoon, I decided not to disturb them and not to lose time but visit an Anim Est Festival in Romania. Not to go there empty-handed I took our two pictures (movies, cartoons) with me.

Though they did not take any diplomas, no one asked our autographs and  we were not driven in limos, generally their attitude was neutral.

But the Festival gave us much more than a Diploma. It gave us Knowledge.

Here are some important conclusions I have come to:

1. Not all festivals should be visited. As it turns out there is a great number of animation festivals being held,  from amateurs’ competitions to large studios’ battles. This particular one was a separate amateurs’ competition. We are also amateurs though we represent a Studio.

One more thing. Not every festival evaluates the quality of performance.This Festival valued more an interesting, philosophical idea.

In other words, depressive Art House prevailed at the Festival and hence, our entertaining demos were out of place there.

2. English should be learned! We need not only use our body language to speak English but speak English properly.

3. Festivals should be visited (though not every one (see ar.1). You can see how many people are involved in animation,  speak to them, realize how entusiastic they are,  and your world view is changed into a more positive one.

4. Festivals can give you information about next coming ones, how upmarket they are etc. We got to know about festivals in France, Spain, and Germany, where even to get into a short list will be a great success which can be equal to the Cannes award. We were invited to the festival in Brussels where we might go in February 2010.

5. Festivals are visited not to get awards but for communication and gaining contacts. This might include potential investors (let’s knock on the wood for good luck). We can also speak about our projects. Some Romanian periodicals wrote about us.

6. We are standing at the root of the mountain which name is Animation. And to climb it is not only necessary but also very interesting.

Even if we have an off chance to reach the top. Though anyway we will start climbing. Or we have already began to do it.

Here are some not very important conclusions:

1 .There is no animation studio in Romania which was very surprising for us.

2 Bucurest and Chisinau are twin cities. Either here or there you cannot find a parking place. Neither there nor here is clean.

Chisinau is definitely greener. Though Bucurest will spot Chisinau 100 points in architecture.And it also works with our cartoon characters.

Gypsies in Bucurest are very colourful, they made our eyes happy.

3. Romanians are very polite, educated, and  well-spoken. At least, I came across those.

4. Guys are dressed brighter than girls. It is difficult to explain, but that was an impression. Maybe I was out of luck. Or those were the gilrs in Bucurest..

5. The Metro in Bucurest is one running carriage. It resembles long sausage. It seems very comfortable.

And to switch into serious mood, the situation brought back the time of 1997 when I was walking along Chisinau streets with my first demo reel being made on my friend’s compter calling at every office asking people to look at what kind of commercial I could make. Then, after a lot of rejections, one month later I found my first customer. That defined my futher way to animation.

Now the situation is very much alike except for the fact that I am going to visit festivals, instead of officies.

Let’s see how it will work and what will come out of it.

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