Happy Lawyer’s Day!
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19 October 2016

Friends! Whole our wonderful republic celebrates the people whose work is  linked forever to the blindfold woman with the weights. Do you understand? No? You are wrong, it is not about missis Sonya from the Central Market! This woman’s name is Themis, and the people who give out festive mood to everybody, are the all stripes Lawyers. You may come across on „autorisations, apostilles, inventories, protocols, initiated cases” in their speeches. Our Lawyers are so dangerous and secret persons, that they were given separated offices to avoid anyone to see  their ”legal person’s faces”:)  They come in any bureaucratic office and can easily explain to the well-fed, happy faces, who they are and what they stand for life 🙂  Our lawyers solve any problems of any complexity, without being distracted by other things. As they say in Odessa, they do their job juicy and tasteful. And we respect them for their cover up and their help to understand the legal casuistry. And let them tell that they are only two, but we will give a proud answer –  but instead, how good they are! Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in brief, the best people of the City!

Congratulations to you guys, and we wish that any problem was not a problem for you, but simply a juridical trifle. We wish you to solve any cases without bother and we wish you to be thanked by the clients with all kind of cool things (It’s just a simple gratitude ) 🙂  !


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