Anastasia Nastasi: from mere curiosity to Simpals Chief Support Officer
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18 March 2024

Anastasia has managed to build a Support department that exceeds expectations through a combination of honest communication, humor and unwavering dedication. Let’s explore the remarkable journey of Simpals Chief Support Officer.

– How did you become part of the Simpals team and why?

– During COVID-19, I attended a graphic design course and many of the instructors who have previously partnered with Simpals spoke about their great corporate culture and attitude towards employees. And I thought: „Wow, that would be cool to work for a local company that you hear so many positive comments about”. Almost a year later, I walked into the Simpals office for the first time. Ambition led me to the place where great things happen.

– Have your expectations been fulfilled?

– 100%! I got more than just a job. I consider this my second family. I have access and support in my further development, I found friends and most importantly – a favorite profession.

– How did you become Chief Support Officer?

– First, I became Senior Moderator, and then, thanks to my manager’s trust in me, her guidance and my work, I became Chief Support Officer. One of the great advantages of my job is the opportunity to constantly learn and develop. Chief Support Officer is not the end point. 

– What are the ingredients for a successful team?

– Open communication – being able to talk anytime, about anything and in any way you want. Frequent team events. And daily meme chats! Memes all the time!

– What are the biggest challenges in your work and how do you manage to tackle them?

– Every day is a big challenge. Going to work you don’t know what’s waiting for you, if everything will go smoothly as planned or if you’ll have to reinvent the bike to get to the end of the day. The ability to plan and the ability to make quick decisions help me.

– What aspects of your department inspire you?

– I have the most cohesive and resilient team. Although each of them is unique, they all have the common goal of helping and doing a great job every day.

– How do you see Simpals in five years?

– I see Simpals as awesome and open as they are now, but twice as much. Maybe even with an office on Mars!

– What do the next five years look like for you?

– I plan to work hard and travel to gain energy for new achievements. I want to take the Support team to a new level. Now few people understand the difference between a regular phone operator and a Support agent. I want everyone to know and understand the value of our service in 5 years. I want to train the team so that everyone who has any contact with us, inside or outside the company, talks about us with the same enthusiasm that struck me at the outset.


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