Accountant, my lovely accountant
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10 November 2016

Money love silence and sluggishness. The accountants and financiers have said that at all times. Well, just this kind of people we have. They work daily with us. And we can exactly tell that they are the best masters of financial kung-fu, who easily balance the debit/credit and also they easily drive you out of senses. And these mega-specialists are celebrating today their international professional day. This holiday has its roots in one unknown distant year, when the decree of the day of universal accounting happiness was signed by a beautiful pen.

In fact the choice of date was very simple: It was once in Venice a citizen – Luca Paciolli, who wrote a book, and there was something about “All of arithmetic, geometry and proportion” and this book was published on the 10th of November, 1494. And one of the chapters of that book have been called “The accounts and other records” and it contained a detailed explanation of accountancy profession of Venice. That was the first printed source about double entry bookkeeping (oh, this double entry bookkeeping! :  ), the work which served as a basis of creation of more widespread works on the commercial accounting. In the book has been described the most of the accounting cycle in the form in which it is known at the present time.




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