You can now create photo and video albums on
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15 January 2008

Post the photos of your school years and your and it will be much easier for your classmates to find you! The recent photos will make sure for your colleagues and friends that over time you become more beautiful. With video you can share your most vivid scenes of your life.

In order to add photos and videos, see the respective section of the menu on the right of the page. Now you’ll be able to create videos and photo albums and share them with friends and family.

Also, due to a number of options, you can customize the look of the album according to your wishes and display media materials:

– By popularity

– By date

– Ratings

– The number of comments

– View a tag cloud, etc.

Add photos and videos, create personal albums, comment on photos and videos with other members of the portal, share warmth with friends, family and loved ones!

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