YesToday’9 – Mini’2006: It cannot be shorter!
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5 May 2006

It turned out that it can be! We proved it on May 5 at in the “TRILUX” club.

Another party of the YESers was held under the slogan IT CANNOT BE SHORTER.

That’s what it means: spring – we are all exposed, change our clothes to lighter ones, girls wear the long-awaited for male eyes Mini.

So we organized the contest of “The most mini of the mini”.

However, some of the girls and their attire has not just pleased us, but even surprised the “Members” of strict commission. Extremer – this cannot be called a skirt! But it is good! You have exceeded all expectations! The winner turned out to be the pretty blonde – bagirka.

And there was something to fight for – the ultra-fashionable watches from our sponsor, the company EUROTEL, look great on a gentle woman’s wrist.

In that evening, the Romanian guest – the singer MAHAY, has pleased all the guests with his performance. He managed to provide the appropriate charge for the entire party to all the present. Also, in that evening, the residents of the virtual city could see the performance of the DANCE-team SHAKE*. Spectacular!

The party was held in a very positive way! For this we would like to thank DJ TON and MS DOOH, which had shown us their ability to hold such events EVERY MINUTE.

And for the dessert (literally and figuratively): the competition “Fight with cakes” was adopted with a HURRAY! Five lucky people, who have chosen tickets, were able to compete for the right to possess a mobile phone SIEMENS kindly provided to us by EUROTEL.

Participants allowed showering them in cream almost from head to toe. Here, again, won the only female participants, a resident of the city

_ELA_. Congratulations!

Untitled from simpals on Vimeo.

And we congratulate us with a successful party.

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