YesToday’8 – Flirto’Party – The Report of the Eighth Official Meeting of the Residents of
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18 February 2006

Because of the fact that the number of YESers which are attending the offlines is significantly increasing, it was decided to hold this meeting at the Moscova club.

The start of the party was scheduled for 21:00. Until 22:30, in the hall of Moscova club was collecting lottery tickets for the draw of the Fighter’ Uniform of the Video Chat and the Favorite Host of the chat.

The Flirto’Party was opened with a mix of love declarations to the Residents of Special thanks for the mix to the Resident Scut. He had to work hard: to listen, to record and to combine more than 40 love declarations. Also, we would like to thank those residents which weren’t lazy and came to the Simpals studio, in order to tell a lot of kind words addressed to their loved ones.

Download the mix of love declarations (format mp3)

Just beyond the confessions, Mc Mike announced the results of the action Love Journal. As part of Love Journal, were delivered more than 8,000 declarations. Among them, 258 were addressed to the resident Lina and 143 – to the resident Sema.

It’s a pity that Lina wasn’t present at the offline and had to choose a companion to the concert of Dj QuickSilver from the stage. She was the charming resident Kisya.

Next on the program was competition from the energy drink NON STOP. YESers were given the opportunity to show his agility, strength and speed. They were dancing, energizing themselves with the drink NON STOP, inflating balloons and collecting matches. The most energy contestant was the Resident Vasya-Bupkin, who got the prize from the drink NON STOP – a darts game. Now he can hold sports competitions among the residents of…

The most anticipated event of the offline was the drawing of the Fighter’s Uniform of the Video Chat. In order to determine the three lucky winners, the resident Эра, one of the hosts of the Video Chat, was invited on the stage.

The lucky ones were: BeHePa, My_X и Kisya. The full uniform – the webcam and the headset with microphone were given to Kisya. It seems that she had a very good day. Further, the webcam went to My_x and the headset with microphone – to BeHePa.

Congratulations to the Fighters of YES.MD Chat.

Immediately after the determination of the lucky owners of uniforms, MC Mike had announced the Favorite Host of the Video Chat. It was the resident Эра. She fairly won the heart of the City, as a sign of the Universal Love of the Residents of We wish Эра more entertaining esters and attentive listeners.

Also, among the Favorite Hosts of the Chat were seen Antonyo, Болгар, Sсhatzi, Бешеный Кошк, Tani6a, Историкъ and others…

The Off had finished far after midnight. At three in the morning the dance floor was still alive, the bartenders were running through the lobby making burning cocktails and the poor guards were dreaming about the time when all this party will end and the will be able to go home and sleep.

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