Yestoday’7 “New Year in a new way”
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16 December 2005

The report of the YesToday’7 New year in a new way!

In order to adequately meet the New Year, you need a lot of rehearsing…

That was the first rehearsal for the celebration of the coming New Year, 2006.

Cheers, citizens of, you were on top!

Your bodies had emitted such a great amount of energy that you were quite able to fly off to the moon, along with the DJ’s booth and the dance floor. In the night of December 16, you just blew up the Razgulyaeff club; the administration is still in shock…

There were fireworks and champagne, there were chimes and merry cheers and other attributes of the New Year Carnival. It was cool!

Thanks all you and see you at the next YesToday-Flirto-Party…

In the meantime, see the archive, remember who, with whom, when, and how, were partying all the night.

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