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8 November 2005

With the support of the cellular shops Eurotel.

In the night from 8th to 9th November, City Club has hosted the sixth official meeting of the citizens of the first virtual city in Moldova – The population of the party was about 350 people, among whom was seen a crazy amount of newcomers.

The beginning of the offline was scheduled for eight o’clock. The event had lasted until the morning, when the tired, but happy citizens, remembering that they still got to go to work or to school, had quietly went to their homes… Oh, if it weren’t the working weekdays, the party could possibly last for an indefinite amount of time. Well, it surely could last for **teen days.

The night streets of the City were patrolled by MC Johnny Walker. By the way, he didn’t hide his surprise about the fact that unexpectedly, a lot of people had gathered, despite the fact that the offline was held in a working day – on Tuesday. So, we forgive him his confusion and continue the story of YesToday’6-party.

The party was opened by the KBH team – KompoT. The guys had joked about the MC Mike’s pants, about the poor Buratino, the dashing taxi drivers from Chisinau and about Ion Suruceanu’s fans. It’s true that audience which had not managed to taste much the drinks from the bar, were barely catching up with funny jokes. And only during the second performance of KompoT, when the YESers had managed to refresh their force, they realized that a true KBH team is standing in front of them, but not a drink prepared by granny.

Further, all without a hitch, the contests Ha-Ha and Siamese twins had split the audience in two parts, and then it poured. However, in the beginning the beer has been poured on the stage.

You know how hard to open a beer, if your right hand is not really yours, but of the person attached to you by the arms, legs and torso. In competition with the Siamese twins had especially distinguished representatives MUZ in Chisinau. Thanks to them, they drinking beer quickly and were tied – tight!

Right after the contest, hot oil was poured into the musical bonfire by the extra-Shiny, or rather Flying.

I don’t know how, but despite their weight, these ladies so easily slid around the hall while executing complex acrobatic moves, that the male part of the audience was simply stunned. There were charming and proved us that real girls got to be BIG.

Now, when listening to a song … For the four seas, the four … I do not remember, what’s next, in the heads of all offliners will surely pop up the image with three lovely ladies from YesToday’6! Cha-Cha-Cha…

Piglet, hey Piglet? It was a rhetorical question. It sounded in the new ultra incendiary blockbuster of the 2005 year – The Return of the Piglet. Shots, pursuit and the resurrection from the dead … You could become a part of this action if you had attended the sixth meeting of the users of!

The couples of had greatly surprised us by their active participation in the contests. Some of them were successfully wrapping with ribbons and were dancing erotically, and others were boldly throwing off their clothes … Maximum boldly. Super boldly. Mega boldly.

Hooray, these guys had once again proved that on Yes live only the most romantic and united couples in the world. Right in the next day administration of the site were sent dozens of requests asking as soon as possible to merge all the pictures from the offline.

In addition to the hot contests, people demanded the TimeOut team, and they were not long in coming. Many of the audience, while dancing, had rushed to the scene to support the guys from TimeOut. Lots of thanks to all whose hearts have waited for change!

Well, for the final retreat was prepared most delicious contest. It was delicious in literal and figurative sense.

As the judging committee, was invited on stage the most beautiful director of the marketing department – the charming Maria Muntean from the company Eurotel.

Then had come the host of chat, Bagheera. That’s how the lottery for a mobile phone from the cellular shops Eurotel started.

To date, the company Eurotel is the closest friend of YesToday’s-party and is always in a hurry to please the people of the city with most pleasant surprises, for which we thank them a lot.

Further about the raffle.

Chasing the phone was not easy. Bagheera, who was on the stage, had thrown many colored cards. Everyone who was eager to win a mobile phone had to find a card with the logo of Eurotel, out of 250 cards. In appearance, it was impossible to distinguish the cards. Therefore, from 6 Eurotel flyers were found only 5. And the fifth surfaced in the last minute. Some people were very lucky, congratulations!

Then began such a … such a … such a sweet contest that the drool were running down, looking at how quickly was eaten a kilo of candies by the 5 willing to get the phone from Eurotel.

The fight lasted a long time, no one wanted to give up. We have heard over and over again the same phrase said by the contestants with mouths stuffed full of candies – Hello, this is Eurotel? Help, I urgently need a cell phone! Judging from the tone in his voice, these people really needed a cell phone. They choked, trying not to laugh, some even dropped a tear from the left, or perhaps of the right eye, but they did not give up and continued to hunt for the phone.

Definitely, the favorite of the contest was a big boy. He wanted the prize so much … that he got it! With friendly laughter and a storm of applause the marketing director of Eurotel, Maria Muntean, handed him the top prize of the evening – a mobile phone Siemens A75. Besides all told above, there something else to tell…

Dear Residents of the City,

Thank you for your friendship and unity. We tried to make this offline bright and saturated. You decide how it was.

P.S. YESers, know that this year, we will meet one more time. You’ll remember it, as the most explosive event of the year.

P.P.S.S. Here comes the Christmas Tree, the New Year…

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