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12 October 2006
Birthday – sad holiday?? Not for us.For two long years, many residents of the capital have dual registration – and the registration for them is sometimes more important than Chisinau. Where then not between the “walls” of the virtual city we learn to properly communicate with each other, making deals, save money and make money (albeit virtual). Which school will teach us how to care for the girl and to answer liking guys?!

And, the Razgulyaeff club once again opened its doors for those who want to congratulate and those citizens of who accepted congratulations. Such people weren’t a lot, but we can’t that they weren’t enough.

We’ve organized almost all of the celebration by our own, and that says a lot. The whole holiday had shown that in two years the town’s infrastructure has acquired talented open people – its DJ’s, PJ’s, and MC’s and generally, good guys.

But the most interesting conclusion was the following: the people from are not those snotty kids, eager to party….. The emancipation of some people surprised even seasoned employees of the club.

After the holiday, it was proposed not to call woman strippers next time….. Vasya_Bupkin doesn’t make it worse. The remaining performers of certain dances also show promise. The strip show-ballet of if desired could get a great success with the public.

The girls also did not disappoint. The attempts to strip on stage were repeating many times during the evening. When organizing a holiday next time the site is to be borne in mind that customs vary, the backbone of the site grows and queries have been very different.

But the diploma keepers had disappointed us. We’ve tried to award the best of the best, especially didn’t send the congratulations, and thought that they will surely be there…. but no. Later, some of them came with a guilty expression to the office of Simpals. It does not matter, as long as the holiday “came” to their destinations.

Congratulations again to all the citizens of with a serious date. We hope that in a few years we will meet the same people at the next Birthday of the beloved city.


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