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7 July 2006

On July 7, in the “Moscova” club was held the anniversary party Yestoday 10, dedicated to the finishing of the non-reality show “Topka” (furnace), held as part of the information web portal

During nearly a month, the participants of the project fought for the right to be the best and get the grand prize: the MP3 player iPod nano manufactured Apple and provided by MacCenter. For this, they just had a minute to show their individuality and imagination.

Most of those present at the Off (over 350 people) are visitors of The confused participants of the project were going the stage to get the well-deserved prizes being supported with loud applause and encouragement of their friends. The main winner was the girl tsiu, which recieved the mentioned MP3 player.

But no one has left without reward: ChopperReed got a mobile phone from the company EUROTEL – his video was named the best clip of the month. Also, absolutely all the participants received T-shirts with the logo of “TOPKA” and discs with the collection of all programs of the “Topka” from the SIMPALS Company.

From ten in the evening until six in the morning the main heroes of the occasion and ordinary residents of the virtual city lit on the dance floor (DJBorman was generous in his praise and musical gifts for the cultural citizens of emptying an incredible amount of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

And in between, in order to give a rest to the tired bodies, were held entertaining contest – the volunteers were offered to compose verses, to make tea and serve it sexy to their beloved (of course, all in turn). In the last competition the girl Kisya has distinguished, which in addition to the deserved gift also won a half of the male population of the YESers. Numerous participants received as a reward for their courage and resourcefulness T-shirts with the logo of SAMSUNG from the company EUROTEL, bottles of ice tea IceLex from the company AquaLex, as well as a certain amount Yes’es – virtual money of and also T-shirts.

Everything that happened that night in the walls of the entertainment center “Moscova” – was broadcasted in real time on the site

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