YesToday ’13 – “A total masquerade”
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21 December 2006

So, when is the New Year????

Like when? December 21.

It has become a good tradition to celebrate the New Year in advance. So, this time too, has celebrated on December 21.

I don’t remember for how much times, Razgulyaeff has consecutively sheltered us under its wings.

This time, of course, we were few, but as the administration of the club said, they will remember us for a long time.

Unofficially, this New Year Yestoday was called “cripple yourself”.

No wonder that media are warning: “Be careful at the celebration of the New Year with fireworks and ice!” needs no ice, no fireworks for the New Year to be traumatic. At the beginning of the holiday deedee had sprained her leg on the ladder and how she has continued walking in her fancy dress and high heels until the morning … no one knows. Even in the midst, one of the most experienced strippers has fallen out from the “big top” on the floor with damned pylon in her hands.

Honor and praise for her for the fact that after such a dangerous stunt, she immediately got up and danced the room till the end, reining …you won’t believe it… the laughter. Not later than 30 minutes after that, someone of the contestants has thrown the microphone in the face of the host (accidentally of course), which led to a split lip and blood.

But all these could not spoil the holiday. The fun was rugged, unrestrained (especially for those who already had finished the exams) and it lasted quite a lot.

Was consumed almost all the beer in … bowling, a little was pecked at the disco … But despite this, the drunken fights didn’t happened. This suggests that the approach was taken correctly.

Once again, the beautiful half of the citizens – the women, craved to get on the stage and show all of the most hidden places of their beautiful bodies. From ethical reasons, we will not name the particularly distinguished participants, we will just shout loud BIS.

The awarding of the best of the best was uneventful, but the ones from Topka were still great. Congratulations once again to all those who got what they deserved.

Especially, we would want to note the good. Md, who, without asking permission, threw the Master’s T-shirt in the crowd. A very brave and noble act.

But the disguise hadn’t worked. Very few people had tried to arrange themselves a colorful celebration. But it turned out to be not the most important. The main things were good mood and “young spirit.”

The next Yestoday is not soon, but we hope that are enough impressions left.

Congratulations again to all with a Happy New Year! We hope that next year, our meetings will be much more interesting and we will not be tired to surprise each other.


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