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1 September 2006

Despite all the troubles and stalemate that happened before the celebration, WE HAD FINALLY MET.
So, Faraon Club, September 1, the Day of Knowledge for the most of people came to a logical end ….but, to celebrate…. to have fun, as if the summer hasn’t ended.
At 21:00, the evil revelers of had started to gather at the entrance.
The first autumn rain was rarely pouring, but it wasn’t an obstacle for us.
The severity of the guards at the checkpoint has surpassed all expectations. We’ve immediately felt that we were not at home….. the familiarity had been broken down from the threshold. But brisk citizens were able to get through the barrier into the hall, where they were waiting for the shouts, fun, contests and strong drinks.
Of course, only the outfits of the schoolgirls had occasionally resembled about the Day of Knowledge (БешенныйКошк and Полумгла). But the celebration was a success. The fun could be called even rampant…
The final contests had simply wiped off the faces of the citizens of the indignation and doubts about the organization of the event. The given art-school supplies had once again reminded us about the cloudless childhood and the creativity of the people of has awakened fully.
Interesting clay figurines were being sculpted in the hall, delighting not only the sculptors, but also all those, for whom they were “dedicated”.
The biggest frustration for us was that the photo shoot of the Yestoday was foiled. But even here, some craftsmen had bypassed the law. An incredible bunch of enthusiasm about the photo exercises from the toilets and the street in front club is still memorable for us.
Overall, the holiday was quite….. not bad. We even can say “tolerated”, but we won’t continue to tolerate……

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