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19 December 2004

Venue — Art Club.

Date — 19 December 2004

Time -19:00.

The program lasts for 2 hours. Attention: Only for residents of YES.MD with printed badges.

ENTRANCE — 19 lei + Free Snake. Those who came without a printed badge — not residents, will pay 25 lei for entrance. The apogee of the party will be the raffle of some crates of beer, due to the fact that the distribution of beer is not possible at the entrance for everyone (terms negotiated with public catering of the club).

The mechanism of the raffle of a box of beer:

For the activity, participation in competitions, residents get a beer bottle caps (cardboard). In addition, each visitor gets such a cardboard at the entrance. Upon the completion, others could give their bottle caps to the resident who gathered the largest number of bottle caps.

The program consists of several parts.

20.00 — the visitors start to com. All of them are hanging out, getting to know each other closer, are visiting the bar.

21.00 — Start of the program. Fanfare sounds (cuckoo of the coming YeSMS). Everyone gathers on the main stage.

21.05 — quiz from Prizes — bottle caps and beer.

21.20 — concert program.

21.50 — second contest unit — contests related to the topic of beer (prizes by analogy).

22.10 — concert.

22.40 — the last contest unit.

22.55 — final raffle.

23.00 — disco for everyone.

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