YESTERDAY 5 – “Hurrah! Our anniversary!”
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3 July 2005

On July 3, in the dance-cafe “Flacara” was held the FIFTH OFFicial meeting of the residents of the YES.MD city – “Jamaica in the city”.

YESTODAY-V had gathered about three hundred residents and their friends under one roof. New acquaintances and old friends, long-awaited prizes and daring contests, a lot of beer and catchy dances, and it is far not the full list of ingredients of the party.

MC Mike was appointed as the headliner of the party. He was assisted by DJ Sanchez and the residents of the Big City of YES.MD, who had actively participated in the competitions, and boldly lit on the dance floor. The show program had surprised them a lot. The residents had laughed and applauded.

The apogee of the evening was rightly considered the raffle of the mobile phone kindly provided by “Eurotel“.

The very process of the raffle was noisy and fun. All those wishing to become the owner of a mobile phone were asked to gather on the dance floor. Then, the balloons were released and dozens of hands started to search the lucky ticket. Balloons were exploding under the pressure the crazy hands; the atmosphere was filled with blasts and screams of the lucky ones. Five people were lucky enough. Then between the claimants was held a mini-contest in eloquence. They had 30 seconds to convince the audience to buy a mobile phone. The one, who is the best, will get the phone. The winner was determined by a competent jury of “Eurotel“.

The final surprise of the evening was a gift from the company “Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery”, on the entrance tickets were played two crates of beer. The Fortune had to determine the two owners of the beer. The lucky ones were walking long, handing bottles of beer to their friends or just nice people.

At the final, we would note the activity of the residents and to wish them a great summer. We would to thank the sponsors of the offline, the company “Eurotel” and the company “Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery” for provided prizes, and the journal Siesta for informational support.

Thus, the society of YES.MD is growing, the residents attending the offline are increasing, and the show program becomes funnier and bigger. Thanks to all the accomplices of this meeting and see you at the next offline.

How lucky we are with each other.


PS: Watch out for news of our City and you will never miss the next official meeting!

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