We’ve launched the site of the water “OM”
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14 October 2010

We had finished working on the site of the water OM.

The idea: we were able to create an online platform, which reflects the features of the product – water OM – cleanliness, a benefit for the whole family. A feature is the light colors of the online portal and interactive format of the site.

The site provides a number of interactive features:

* A walk through the production – here visitors can view vivid photo gallery and find out about how the water is made.

* Calculator of liter capacity – with this option, you can calculate the necessary amount of water, depending on the number of family members.

* Virtual Room – where the user can select the necessary equipment, to learn about the rules of placement, as well as get some good advice.

Also, on the site you will find lots of useful information about the water and you will be able to order water to your home or office.

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