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17 November 2007

The largest bulletin board in Moldova,www.999.md, has launched on November 17, 2007 a unique service for Moldova: The video ad

Now you can add not only ads with photos, but also with videos. The video ad is an unique to date Internet service in Moldova. It gives you an opportunity to more clearly illustrate your text ad, and therefore faster to sell the product or service.

Why is video ad needed?

If you sell or rent a car, an apartment, home appliances, video ads will show your product from all angles (live image). The experience of other sites shows that the presence of a video is increasing the number of the views of your ads by more than 70%. Video ad allows your potential customers to view and get to know your offer.

How can I record a video?

www.999.md accepts video from most digital camcorders, cameras, mobile phones in the following formats: avi, mov, wmv, mpg, flv, 3gp. Video should be lasting no more than 15 minutes and have a maximum size of 200 MB.

How to attach a video to my ad text?

To upload a video is easy. First, you need to save the video footage to the computer from which you download the file to the site. Then, in the section “New Ad”, click on “Browse” button in the line “Videos” and select the desired file. Now, you have to wait a little bit, and your video ad is ready for publication.

The video ad service has been developed in partnership with Internet TV Play.md

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