We’ve launched the first correct auction in Moldova
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1 April 2009

“I bought an iPod for 129 lei 20 bani!! And swan ridibundus for 17 lei 30 bani

😛 Puff! Puff!!!1»

From the April 1 you also can show off! And it will be pure truth. April 1 is the date of the launch of www.Banzay.md, the Moldovan-Scandinavian auction. Here, any product can be purchased at a discount up to 99%.

“Scandinavian auction or Lowest unique bid auction – is a type of auction in which the product or service is offered for sale at a reduced cost. Bidders are betting with fixed step. For each bet the participant will be charged a fee. The duration is set at the start of trading, however, after each rate it increases by a given amount. The winner is the participant who made the last bet. “(Wikipedia)

We will explain with an example, how you can save on Banzay:

Is being traded mp3 player Apple iPod for the retail price of 1000 lei.

Starting bid – 1 leu.

Step of trading – 10 bani.

The cost of the bet – 2.5 lei.

During the auction 632 bets were made, of which 26 bets were made by you and the 26th was the last.

By the time of the end of trading, the price of the product will be 64.2 lei (1 leu + 632 rate by 0.1 lei.). You buy an iPod for 64.2 lei + 65 lei (spent on rates). Total 129.2 lei. The discount off the retail price – 87%!

The final price of this item depends on the number of wanting to buy it. So the proverb “Less people – more oxygen” could be very useful here. You need to play on Banzay from the very beginning, until a lot of participants hadn’t gathered there. This will not only increase your chances of winning, but also will give you the necessary experience of an auction player.

This is not a scam or a lottery. All can be verified. The entire auction is transparent. The history of bids is always available. Any participant can be contacted through the organizers. You can even calculate the profit of the organizers of Banzay!

Another example.

Our iPod for the same retail price of 1000 lei, which was sold for 64.2 lei.

Totally, were made 632 bets.

Simple calculus will show that the auction organizers received 632 x 2.5 lei + 64.2 lei = 1644.2 lei. Minus taxes and expenses for the organization – enough to make everybody happy. After all, in fact, the organizers of the auction is earning not from the auction price of the goods, but on the bets made by the bidders.

For a start, as the lots we promise the products of the Company Apple, the Artemy Lebedev Studio and other products of impeccable quality. All products involved in the auction, are new, come in their original packaging along with all the manufacturer’s warranties. Many of the lots are hard to find in Moldova, so that is another reason to play and win!

An interesting detail: on Banzay is working such a concept like the return auction. Namely: Banzay will give you the goods if you spent on its bets as much as it costs in the store. So if you were going to buy yourself, for example, a new monitor, do not run straight to the shop. For the same money you can always do it at the auction. But most likely you will not have time to spend the whole amount, and you will win the monitor on trades with less money. You will even get some adrenalin. Absolutely for free.

The system of paying is even easier than in the store. After registering on www.banzay.md you open an account. You can use it for payment of bets and to pay for the winning product. You can fund your account in any convenient way for you:


• Find the nearest terminal or OSMP Netto-PRO,

• Use Webmoney,

• Transfer money from the card VisaMasterCard,

• Pay cash to the courier (500 lei).

In Europe and Russia, people are already used to buy needed things in this way. There are lots of such projects in Internet: www.vauctione.ruwww.bidmaster.ru,www.gagen.ruwww.getbuy.ruwww.vauctione.ruwww.swoopo.co.uk,
www.bidster.com,www.bimbaso.eu etc. It’s time for you to join the culture auction!

Becomes a participant as soon as possible – this is key to success in trading. Well, wait until Banzay opens and Banzai!

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