We wish you a Mandarin New Year!
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28 December 2016


Round, orange, sour and sweet at the same time and full of holiday spirit. We talk about mandarins, mandarins and once again mandarins. In New Year Eve our office was dazzled by the mandarins scent. 1.158 kg (yes! more than one ton!) of sweet citrus was brought, but don’t think that we ate them all (even we already are full of them).


In this year we decided to sweeten our partners with mandarins, which smell makes us feel the magic of the winter holidays. For couple days, some of our employees was Santa’s helpers. With great mood and a lot of enthusiasm they packed in 200 bags almost 9.000 mandarins, that arrived in the offices of our partners.



But, to be sure that exotic fruits will be used “right”, we attached some tips how you can use them. For example, one of the tips helps you in case you think that your colleagues don’t pay attention at you. In this situation, you can take some mandarins, get on the table and start to juggle with them.



If you are bored, mandarins are here to help you. You can cook something tasty, or you can build a totem and worship to the God of Mandarins. These are just a few of all the 2017 tips 🙂 that will make you smile while you eat mandarin slices. Surely we will see mandarins even in our dreams, but we wish you to be more happy in the new year, at least with one more mandarin!





We want to thank all the partners that supported us in our projects and also to all who was involved in the making gifts process, an activity that made us feel more intense the magic of the winter holidays!

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