We launched the job.999.md site
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20 November 2001

Today we finished working on the site, where one can find a job. This is the first job center in our country on the on-line area.
The labor exchange has a number of advantages, and the main of them are: time saving, free choice, efficiency.
The site offers the opportunity to place resumes and vacancies. Hundreds of vacancies from different companies of the country are brought together on the website. The webpage is really easy to use – write a vacancy or resume name in the search bar, press the search button and after a few seconds you can see a list, where probably you could find a job or a valuable employee.
Also, on the JOBLIST.MD site one can find a list of recruitment agencies, get informed about work abroad, and find information about one’s rights and obligations from the Republic of Moldova’s Labor Code.
The existing resumes and vacancies from the site are updated every day. The list is displayed in chronological order, so you will be always up to date with the latest vacancies of moldavian labor market.
One who wants to work, he (she) searches possibilities. The possibilities exist – on job.999.md.

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