We have turned 9 years already!
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18 March 2016


We have turned 9 years already!

During this time, Mama.md became a meeting place for moms, who shared their experiences, debated on various topics, and discussed the most important children and family issues. The project has become a kind of guide that allows you finding information on any subject of interest from those, who have actually used a certain service, went to a certain institution, can recommend a doctor or other specialist.

Due to communication and events of Mama.md, many people became friends not only on the project, but also in real life, and some friends even became family. We all are now one big family, which has a kind and interesting Mama. This Mama will always support, take care of her children, and will tell them something interesting.

In 9 years, 25721 users have registered on Mama.md.

In 9 years, 36604 threads have been created on Mama.md.

In 9 years, 2,058,848 messages have been posted on Mama.md.

In 9 years, more than 1000 children were born and grown up on Mama.md, who are growing up in a large close-knit family.





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