Voting on totals over 25,000 participants
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27 October 2020

The sociological survey on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova on has ended, and the project has made the totals of the virtual electoral pool.


In 18 days, the site was visited by 25,237 people who cast their vote. Voters had the opportunity to find out some information about the candidates and choose the favorite one. In this regard, the team prepared the biographies of the candidates, as well as information about the electoral program of each of them.

You can find out how the participants voted by following this link. After November 1, the results of the real elections will be known, and then we will be able to compare the data to see how accurate the virtual election on was. And if we refer to the municipal elections in Chisinau back in 2018 and 2019, the poll results were very close to the real voting results.

The project conducts independent opinion polls. Their results reflect the political preferences of users and do not affect the actual results of the elections.

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